Model of Kailasa Temple Found? Pancha Rathas at Mahabalipuram

Model of Kailasa Temple Found?  Pancha Rathas at Mahabalipuram

Hey guys, let’s take a look at this unique temple complex called PanchaRatha in India, and I am gonna show you some solid evidence that this was the model of Kailasa Temple. But how could these 5 individual structures even begin to be the model of Kailasa Temple, which is the largest Monolithic structure in the world, carved out of a single rock? Because these individual temples are not really individual structures, they are all carved out of one solid block of stone. This entire complex, the 5 towers, the elephant, and everything else is carved from one single rock, just like Kailasa Temple. For example, we can see these 2 towers, which really look like individual structures, but if you look at the base, we realize that they are not separate rocks. A considerable part of Pancha Ratha is actually still underneath the sand, that has accumulated over many centuries, and underneath we have the base of one solid rock. This makes Pancha Ratha, one of the largest Monolithic temples in the world, just like Kailasa Temple. If you aren’t familiar with Kailasa Temple, you can click on the top right corner of the video to see how it was created with advanced technology.
If we calculate the width and height of the rock that existed before the creation of these structures, it would look like this..a hill, made of granite. The only way to create these pyramidal structures, is by scooping out tons and tons of rock, starting from the top, just like Kailasa Temple. And not one piece of rock has been added to this complex, from outside.
But Pancha Ratha is a much more mysterious site than Kailasa Temple itself. This complex has not only baffled tourists, but also historians and archeologists. Till date, experts do not know why these structures were built. What do I mean by this? These are temples made for worshipping Gods, right? No, they were not created as religious structures at all. If you look at the base of each of this tower, you will see a large stone structure called a Kalasam. In every Hindu temple, these Kalasams are placed on top of the tower, and all religious worship begins only after this Kalasam has been placed on top. However, in Pancha Ratha, all these Kalasams are deliberately carved at the base, and the top of the towers are left empty without these structures, clearly indicating that the Pancha Ratha was not a place of religious worship.
Archeologists confirm that this was not created as a place of worship, and believe that it was built as a model, or a prototype. A prototype of what? They don’t know the answer to this question, but if we analyze carefully, we can clearly see that this was the prototype of Kailasa Temple.
There are 5 types of towers in Pancha Ratha, which match exactly with the 5 towers of Kailasa Temple. The Kailasa Temple is so large that these 5 towers are not even visible from the ground. But if you go on top of the mountain, we can see these 5 towers, each with distinct style, exactly matching the towers of Pancha Ratha.
If you look at the base of Kailasa Temple, it is shaped like a chariot, pulled by a series of Elephants and Lions. And at Pancha Ratha you can see the identical features. The only difference is in the size, the animals look much smaller because Pancha Ratha is a smaller prototype of the Humongous Kailasa Temple. The carvings of various Gods are also identical in both the temples.

And here you can see this beautiful Elephant at Pancha Ratha, standing beside the towers, and you can see the same figure at Kailasa Temple as well. Of course you can see how invaders tried to destroy this elephant, but couldn’t succeed. They tried to destroy the Kailasa Temple and just gave up, because Kailasa Temple is indestructible. What’s interesting is that, the Pancha Ratha was also tested by a destructive force, much more powerful than human beings. It was hit by a massive Tsunami in 2004, and while the newer temples built in the last few centuries were destroyed, this structure doesn’t even have a scratch on it. There is something fundamentally different about these ancient structures like Pancha Ratha and Kailasa Temple, they are simply indestructible by nature or by human beings.



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Peter Cargin says:

It seems to me that Pancha Ratha was a place of builders and technological masters, but Kailasa was really Temple of kings whom these builders worked for.

Fabio Rav says:

for me , they used 3d printers …today , they are used for print statues of granite ….

Hansel Fernandes says:

I love your videos but I do not agree about all these places being of one rock. In many places you can see tile like placements and beam type building. It has turned to rock and must have been metal or wood in the past. They are magnificent nonetheless.

Anthony Brown says:

Really enjoy these videos, India's ancient structures are the most amazing in the world. Very fascinating buildings. Most intricate.

dzyanist says:

Yes.., You do make good sense. It does seem quite logical.., and it appears there is significantly less actual "detail".., as there might be in a "pre" version. Astounding..(whew..!!). Good work paisan, as always ! Thank You..

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Impressive. All the structures being covered in your series are beautiful and mysterious. I hope we find the wisdom to discuss and discover the true history.

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Благодарю за видео, очень интересно. Россия смотрит на Вас! 🙂

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Invaders those mofo muslims say it man people should know how Islam distroy other cultures

Jojo Ripley says:

it was not a model. you can see marks on the 12ft rock.. stucco was used for many if not all of the building .. you can clearly see that the building is unfinished.. your videos are quite clear of this

RadhaKrishnan Ramachandran says:

Hi Praveen, if you visit this temple built by same rulers who built pancharatha, Mahabalipuram you shall unwind more discoveries. Please do visit. Kailasanathar Temple, Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu

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You are very very intelligent Mr Mohan

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true this is a prototype of kailasa temple. we have no reason to deny that this not a prototype. excellent analysis.

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Excellent video thanks for sharing such videos i have seen your all the videos all are unique and full with wisdom,
I request you to share your views on the construction of Bhojpur Temple situated in Bhopal Madhya Pradesh ,

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