MLB | Worst Catcher Throws

MLB | Worst Catcher Throws

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Yunior Montes De Oca says:

El catche tiene que mejoral la mecnica

Michael Luick says:

3:09 was a good throw

Zachary Opperman says:

some of those weren't the catchers fault the one where it hit the runner or the missed it even though it was right at them

Michael Scotti says:

Some of these are fine throws it's the infielders that can't pick them

Kreamations says:

How the hell was 1:12 a ball?

Sylveon and Popplio Videos/Vlogs says:

The buster posey one was just good old shitty Crawford

Barry Erb says:

Some of these are good throws, but out of place fielders. That isn't the catchers fault.

DoltishHorse 74 says:

1:50 that was a perfect throw, the 3rd baseman should've been there

JCGaming26 says:

Most of these aren't bad throws they are just fielders who weren't covering the base

Bebegamer says:

Hmmmm suspicious that many were in favor of the Yankee's

Nate Morris says:

A bunch of these are also the fault of the fielder for not being in he right spot

Zach Bowen says:

It's hard being a catcher trust me most of these would be perfect if the base men caught it or if the runner was in the way

MrEssayFox says:

2:18 would've been a money throw if someone was there

Dank Memes says:

Your actually retarded

mike hbr says:

Many of these are poor/sloppy fielding (other than the overthrows). Some major league players forgetting the basics like backing up other players.

2nd Account says:

Some of these throws were not bad like the one that hit the bat that's not a error on the throw , the one that hit the runner that throw must be on line to hit the runner and 1 down to 2nd was on the shortstop he threw it on a 1 hop

Ben Allen says:

This why there called catchers and not throwers!

Giuseppe Quatela says:

Nice vid… buddy

Ian Garcia says:

Dude you really dont know baseball as an all-star catcher some of these are the other players falut you are Hyping thes worse throws too much

Ty Carpenter says:


Idc really.

Dubsy PS3 says:

The Blue Jays ALDS one isn't a worst catcher throw, Choo stuck out his bat which kind of interfered with the throw back.

Brent Bosko says:

TOP ALL SPORTS, can you do "close calls"

Paanxda says:

1:26 wasn't bad it was just a bad hop

Luis Hernande says:

Buen video pana👌

Dom Diamond27 says:

Shout me out the legend says

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