MLB | Unusual Endings

MLB | Unusual Endings

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RawlyProductions says:

(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Ralph Ollervides says:

I read a book about the Mookie Wilson-Billy Buckner play

Jessica Marko says:

1:47 was bs the dude didn't do anything😂 I feel bad for him

austin daboss says:


skeem boop says:

what up dude i love baseball

이상현 says:

He drop the ballll!

kwflhorns says:

He took a breath he can't breathe in baseball no one would even play baseball if u can't breathe

kwflhorns says:

1:55 not a balk

kwflhorns says:

0:43 was interference

Blaize Kolar says:

that with the play at home from the pirates he was out by a mile that was the worst call in history

Samuel Gonzalez says:

You missed that unassisted triple play from the Phillies-Mets game in 2009. I was at that game. That still bothers me to this day lol

Jack Cowhig says:

If you pause at 0:52 you see it should've been out because he tagged him before he got,on plate and he never touched base

Felix Mendelssohn says:

Robbing a homerun is not an unusual ending.

Bells Palace says:

The first one the was out was called safe was interference look at 3rd base.

Leycrome says:

can someone explain me please what the pitcher were doing wrong @ 1:48 ??

Ken says:

Still my fav videos. Appreciate the time and effort!

crimdell says:

Thanks, Buckner.

Daisy Munoz says:

The San Francisco Giants one was rigged when he balked

DubCmusicTV says:

Please explain 0:57. What a bad call

Blueman 57 says:

Where's the Taylor error we're pig gets a little league homer

TheRedsox040711 says:

I'm still confused by what Castillo was doing. yeah I get that he went out to field the pop up in shallow right but after he drops it he throws to 2nd!?!?! What was he doing?

Rob Clemente says:

0:37 as a pirates fan, it still pains me to see that

Aldo Cruz says:

0:57 ''being allmost on the 20th inning and the umpire calls safe a clear out'' I would punch that guy so hard he's grand children would be born without a face

Alex Marchante says:

Love how Vin Scully pronounces Uribe (Ou-RI-Bae) as "Yur-E-Bee"

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