MLB | Diving Bunt Catches

MLB | Diving Bunt Catches

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Gabphin 136 says:

Nice video dude, plz pin me:-)

Lane kerns says:

Sliding and diving are the same thing,and 2 play on the video he didn't dive at all

Henry Henderson says:


carlos gutierrez hdz says:

mal ejecutados,

miatamilitia says:

Impressive, yes. But definitely much easier to catch than diving for a pop fly in the outfield. ball velocity is quite different.

Hayvok 64 says:

That one with Kershaw was awesome

Jason Sapone says:

1,2, and 4 weren't dives

GD XxGeoGod41xX says:

2:26 Mask off

WOO says:

Where is Joba?

Greysen Gagné says:

Where's Sandavol at? Dude made a crazy diving catch with the Sox.

Velorum says:

Didn't Carlos Ruiz or someone like that make a catch on a Billy Hamilton bunt on the first pitch of the game once?

Justin Sagendorph says:

On the second video he didn't dive

TakeAShowerStinky says:

The bitch announcer ruined one of the diving plays.

I Plah Gams says:

Carlos Santana's diving catch that led to a triple play versus the White Sox?

Benoit Pellet says:

Wow – these are good, thanks. Especially good when they then get the force out at 1st base to make it a double play — that is great athleticism.

Cambridge Hathaway says:

I fulfilled the description…thank you

Bryce Didrickson says:

I'm a mariners fan and half of these were against my ms!😤

Nitsugir says:

where's Pablo Sandoval's bunt catch ?

Double D says:

Half of those catches was not as tuff as they made them look

Connor Soos says:

Nice vid can u love this and pin it

Gabphin 136 says:

Who's your favorite baseball team?

Major league Blitzball says:

Nice vid plz p in me

Spencer Perkins says:

at 0:12 he didnt dive for the ball

Captain Man5 says:

Notice how there were no Braves on here. It cuz when we bunt, it's either successful enough to move the runner over or it goes into shallow right field.

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