Elephant Mountain for the best Taipei view & Din Tai Fung, a Michelin star dumplings restaurant in Taiwan! This travel vlog from Taipei 2018 has it all ⬇ Click ‘Show More’ to expand ⬇

Din Tai Fung is a Michelin star restaurant in Taipei that specialises in dumplings – it’s in countries other than Taiwan as well and has the best dumplings we’ve ever eaten. We share the process on how to eat them in the vlog.

Elephant Mountain is the best view point in Taipei and is well known in Taiwan because of its name – we share how it got the name Elephant Mountain in the vlog.

If you’re heading to Taiwan and stopping in Taipei be sure to visit Din Tai Fung for the amazing dumplings and a Michelin star experience and head up Elephant Mountain. We highly recommend both!

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Mark Norde says:

Stunning! Please show your great travel video to our Travel
enthusiasts community on challenjam. com in the Lifestyle category. Sorry for
not sending a link, but it goes directly to spam.

lifeofaking says:

I don't know how I feel about chocolate dumplings. I would try them though.

Theo Velentzas says:

Hey guys another awesome vlog, such a clean modern city, love your cool music as well, if you guys can get the chance maybe to list the music vibes behind your vlogs that would be cool. Stay safe

Divert Living says:

You guys are great and honestly so original i love the subscribe notification right at the start! so so good!

Ave Pi says:

🍍+ 🍰 = 😋 🍫 + dumpling = 👌 🐘⛰= 🆒️ Another 💣 📽 in 🇹🇼 👩‍🎤 & 👨‍🎤 😊

Francis Bowen says:

Looks amazing! I would love to visit Taipai. Great video guys, and can't wait to see more. Hope you get a chance to checkout my channel as well, and keep it up!

DA says:

we have Din Tai Fung in BGC area. seems like I need to try those Xiao Long Baos…

C K says:

Just found your channel, you guys are awesome, subscribed!

Emma C says:


Liz and Andrés says:

Those dumplings look amazing. I can’t believe they came with an instruction guide! Also – that silver car 😂 definitely not for me but very funny

Chief Niki says:

Amazing view point! 👍🏻

Tracey Tang says:

Yummm I love xiao long baos! Never seen or heard of the chocolate ones til now. Did they sell the rainbow xiao long baos? Every time I visit Din Tai Fung in Melbourne, they’re always sold out! 🙁

FR0G the FRENCH says:

Very nice . Seems à kind of mixed HK view with Japan zen attitude

Zar Francisco says:

We also have Din Tai Fung here in PI! But haven't tried it yet. I know what to order now when I go there

Nepalese Nomad says:

that's some dope panorama ! thanks for sharing 🙂

Here,s Harv says:

I'm still getting over that hummer. Great vlog and editing. ps.. pop over and check out my (insane water slide) we built for Australia day. Only cause I think you guys will get a kick out of it . 🙂

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