Meeting “School 2017” stars: Kim Sejeong, Kim Jeonghyeon, etc [Entertainment Weekly / 2017.07.17]

Meeting “School 2017” stars: Kim Sejeong, Kim Jeonghyeon, etc [Entertainment Weekly / 2017.07.17]

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danica kim says:

Expectations are high because of school 2015. that was one of a kind.

Novianti Rahman says:

this definitely better than school 2015 even though people gave a lot of critics. sejeong also did a really good job.

arkonic btsikon says:

Dramas about school are always the best.

AndrienCo0687 says:

"SCHOOL 2017"
(KBS TV/2017)
Kim Sejeong
Kim Junghyun
Jang Dongyoon
Kim Seokwoo
Jang Moonbok
Hwang Minhyun
Han Sunhwa
Release Date: August 2017

I.O.I 12th member says:

Who else watch this drama because of God Sejeong? XD

Melissa Tavarez says:

Sejeong really surprised me, her acting so far is really good

Perfectly.imperfect says:

Sejeong acts kinda suprised me T.T thats scene where she cried, i cried too.

Fujoshi Chan says:

Ohmygod is that LEE YOORI OMG

Tien Le says:

no hate, but I think a 27 years old plays a role of a 17 is a bit too much. The male lead is not ugly, he is attractive, but a bit too old for his role in this drama in my opinion.

almazunah1 says:

حتى الممثلين الكبار اللي طلعوا بالأجزاء اللي قبل كان تمثيلهم على قدهم 😱😂
أتمنى صج يطلع هالجزء حلو 😍

lil malini says:

Their teacher! He is fkin cute i swear!!!

pinkynas says:

People are being skeptical about this drama, including me. But! Sejeong did great so far! She's not too over acting, not that slow either, she's quite good as a beginner actress. She might hit it big just like Eunji. Who knew that Reply 19997 is a jackpot for her and the whole team. Plus, it aired in the cable channel. So for this one, I don't think it'll be that bad. Good luck!

Maryory Ibarra Velasco says:

sejeong shy so cute ♥♥♥

Maryory Ibarra Velasco says:

I love this drama SEJEONG ACTS VERY WELL ♥♥♥♥♥

Aicha Faqih says:

that teacher looks like an older version of bts jimin

STAN MX SVT G7 says:

THAT'S MY BABY GIRL rise my pumpkin❤❤

Jimin Overload says:

.. What if the mystery dude is the teacher lmao

nur azreen shafie says:

The drama is really good so far. TBH, storyline quite slow in the first episode but the 2nd episode is really really good. I just hope the rating of the drama won't drop because of that.AND PEOPLE SHOULD STOP COMPARING THIS TO SCHOOL 2015. And am in the only one who ship Daehwi and sejeong😂 But i don't think he is the hero😢😢

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