Meet my Girlfriend | Tallinn, Estonia Travel Vlog

Meet my Girlfriend  | Tallinn, Estonia Travel Vlog

I’m in Tallinn, Estonia and my girlfriend has joined me for a bit.
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My TopDeck Travel trip through Scandinavia has come to an end here in Tallinn, Estonia. The trip was absolutely awesome. I made so many cool new friends, and we just had an amazing time. There were also so many cool images and video clips to come out of it. I think the vlogs, too, came out really amazingly. I’m stoked about how it all went.
But, I’m also really excited to wrap the project up. It’s always so much fun seeing the end result of a couple week’s of work. It’s so rewarding to see the end of an assignment like this. So, I’m here in Tallinn trying to get everything organized and whipped off to editors and the client before my next project starts.
So, we kind of celebrated a bit with a going away party. We sampled some of the Tallinn nightlife. First, we went to a place that did test tubes of booze. It was a one of the many strange Tallinn nightclubs. Then, we tried to get into another one of the Tallinn nightclubs, a place called Hollywood, but they wouldn’t let me in with my camera. So, we called it a night, and I turned this into a 2 day vlog.
I’m also excited that the project being done means that I can hang out a bit with my girlfriend for a bit before running off on my next travel photography assignment which is actually just days away. I’ve not introduced Jodie to the vlog yet, and the truth is that she’ll largely not be on it as I want to keep my private an work life fairly separate at least for the time being. I will always be honest with you guys regarding my private life, but I’m also not going to disclose every detail like I did in the past.
Anyways, it’s been amazing here in Tallinn, it’s a city I really love, and it’s also one of the most photogenic cities in the world. So, my girlfriend and I went out to shoot some images throughout the Tallinn. Photography in Tallinn is always such a treat. When the weather is behaving, it really is an easy place to photograph.
Tomorrow, the travel vlog will continue again as I make my way onto my next big assignment. Stay tuned.



Brendan van Son says:

Hey fam, be sure to follow Jodie on Instagram:

jazper go says:

The love birds. You are now so inspired.

Jose Uribe says:

Hey Brendan if you need a wedding photographer look us up! LOL

tudor west says:

about time we seen your young lady,great smile and looks very cool brendan good job m8

TravMonkey says:

Ooooh Traverse couple! πŸ‘πŸ˜„

Douwe Dambrink says:

Dude! You did a great job with her man. WoW

Jeann Vanniekerk says:

hey…you meen i did not invent the first comment thingπŸ˜“

o well😝

Erik de la cruz says:

………she's pretty……… πŸ™‚

Meghan says:


Brian Bakale says:

Good for you dude!!!

analoogje says:

and so we meet the girlfriend πŸ™‚

Dustin and Kaleighs Travel Vlog says:

Nice Vlog! Can't wait to check out Estonia, we are heading there soon. Check out our Vlog if you get a chance!

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