Meet Julie, The Camper Van Travel Nurse! Full Van Tour :)

Meet Julie, The Camper Van Travel Nurse! Full Van Tour :)

Julies Instagram page is at: @travelnurseadventures
I will have to do another interview! Let me know if you have any questions that you would like to ask Julie, below. Thanks!
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Thanks for watching! 🙂 If you have any video ideas, let me know in the comment section.



High-tec and Frugal RV Travels with Will Prowse says:

Come on guys, please don't post creepy/weird comments or questions. have some respect. Julie is a totally cool person and deserves it.

Katrina Schneible says:

Recently found out carbon monoxide monitors aren't supposed to be up high like we were always told. Friend had a leak in her home and the utility company told her they are supposed to be down lower now.

Paradise Gained says:

Awww I totally digged this! I like that layout & all the amenities it offered all while still looking like a passenger van/camper van/stealth. How much did this cost her?

john cook says:

I think Bob from cheap RV living interviewed her

HankHill757 says:

Cool chick!

Ralph W. Morris says:

Great interview. Thanks.

Robert Buchanan says:

You seem to have the inquisitiveness, good-naturedness, and positivity of my awesome 12 year old nephew.  Hope the world doesn't ever make you bitter!  She also seems really cool and wow, what a great van!  Next week…I get my new Promaster and get out of this crappy apartment with noisy neighbors.  Can't wait to start building and living in it!  Thanks for the video, Will!

David Bradley says:

Dr Will & Nurse Julie…..stay tuned.

Sim in a Box says:

Unless i'm mistaken, that breed of dog is called a Rhodesian Ridgeback. They're from South Africa, where they were used in packs to hunt lions. Her dog is beautiful, but there's no way i would live with a dog that big in such a small space. Imagine having to deal with the constant dog farts.

She seems like a really cool woman to hang out with, adventurous, positive and fun.

Will, you should do a video of her inside your RV and show her your stuff and gadgets, maybe it will inspire her about things she could do better. The dog needs to stay outside tho, you don't want to deal with nasty dog farts.

Toshi Suzuki says:

I really enjoyed this Will. You should do more tour videos of the vehicle dwellers you meet!

LayinTheHammer says:

that's a bad ass van she's got there, one of the best i've seen.

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