Medal ceremony: Chloe Kim gets her gold medal

Medal ceremony: Chloe Kim gets her gold medal

Team USA superstar Chloe Kim is awarded the gold medal after becoming the youngest-ever female athlete to win gold on snow.



Bella Ventimiglia says:

Luv the fact that there are so many Asians representing USA in this Winter Olympics. Congrats, Chloe!!! 🤗

Roxy says:

She is beautiful!

hawjsta says:

Is it weird that Liu Jiayu put her hand over her heart while the American anthem was playing?

Pro Whaler says:

Even the Chinese athlete is putting her hand on her heart. What the hell does that say about the NFL?

meowmeow says:

Not American.

Giant Turd says:

She's Korean

PyeongchangOlympics 2018 says:

This is my fav athlete in the Olympics

Lockon Stratos says:

USA is thinking sweep everything they compete

Emma says:

Je suis trés joyeux!!!!

Mitchell Hummingbird says:

Congrats! Chloe, From Oklahoma City Oklahoma!

Genesis says:

Congrats Chloe! 👍🏻 🏆🥇

Kylie Eats says:

congratulations chloe!!!!!


She's so pretty.

NewPScity says:

GO USA!!!! It must feel amazing to be up there with your gold medal and to listen to the anthem .

good day says:


Sarada Sreeram says:

17 Years Old!!!

springleaves says:

she is seriously so beautiful, strong, and funny. what a girl omg

kseries1981 says:

US and A. Vary niice

Frank O'Connor says:

Love that she's so humble and real. All congrats to her from a fellow Korean-American.

Ken Duong says:

God her smile is so contagious and her dimples are cute.

YourFavoriteCommie says:

Man, she is getting a TON of hate in South Korea. What did she do that's pissing off her home country so bad? I have a lot of Koreans on my social media and some really nasty things are being said about her.

Larvitar Dratini says:

She prob could have done this when she was 13 tbh. She and Shaun white are the only snowboarders I'd want to ski with they seem so sick

salcazoid says:

Root for Chloe as Korean who naturalized to U.S. CITIZEN more than 5 years ago.

Bryant Aguilar says:

I legit cried 😂

jjcs1381 says:

Respect to the Chinese girl for placing her hand over her heart for America's anthem.

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