Mauritius Vacation Travel Video Guide • Great Destinations

Mauritius Vacation Travel Video Guide • Great Destinations

The little island, lying in the center of the Indian Ocean is a real tropical paradise. Along the white sand beaches, shaded by coconut palm trees there are many luxury hotels. We can take excursions to the nearby islands, or take a dive in the turquoise blue water. In the center of the island, on the top of a vulcanic plateau, emerald green sugar cane plantations can be found. On the Domaine Les Pailles estate we can have a glimpse at how rum and sugar are produced from sugar cane. We can try the Indian dishes and take a look at the colorful Hindu temple. We might enjoy the Sega dance and taste the teas from the Bois Cheri plantation. We might also take a Jeep Tour through the Black River National Park and take a look at the marvellous waterfall of Chamarel, while in the zoo the famous pink pigeon and the golden bat can be found. In the city there is the Blue Penny Museum and one of the worlds most beautiful tropical parks, the Pamplemousses Botanic Garden to visit.



Orlando Nurchi says:

l ile maurice die beste insel nach die Sardinien

Miles Jacob says:

Pronunciations of various words on this were killing me

antwone davis says:

Mauritius is african

Envy says:

For god sake mauritius is not a fucking indian country

Sneaker Addict says:

What year please?

Robie B says:

dear expoza travel I liked your video however I noticed your narrator Deborah Marshall made a lot of racist and sarcastic comments about Indian – Mauritians . comments like here its hard to believe Indian shoes are actually cheap and saying the Hindu temple is noisier and less cozy than the creole church and saying Indians who believed in fairies dancing by the lake are obviously extremely exacterating . please let the narrator Deborah Marshall know what she did was wrong! I noticed she didn't say anything bad about the blacks and chinese! every video on you tube about Indians is always racist hundreds of people leave racist comments about Indians on you tube and Google which leads me to believe we Indians are the most hated people in the world please put a stop to this by letting miss Deborah Marshall know she was wrong.

AdventuristoSupremo says:

I guess it was too much to ask to find a narrator who can actually pronounce the name of the country.  Or speak the language they're narrating in natively.

Bruce says:

Oblivion is the best game ever,alot better than skyrim

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