MATCH HIGHLIGHTS: Man United v. Leicester City

MATCH HIGHLIGHTS: Man United v. Leicester City

Man United and Leicester City were scoreless into the second half, but goals from substitutes Marcus Rashford and Marouane Fellaini helped United to a 2-0 win.



Logan Pierce says:

What a save by De Gea at the end

Trevor Wilson says:

Does anyone else not care if the goalkeeper leaves the line early on a penalty? Honestly if a keeper makes a save on a penalty all credit to them.

TheLegend27 says:

shmeichel is underrated

Philippe Lavergne says:

Why the music?

Rick Claark says:

Can you get this channel uk?

Alaa Albreasm says:

If De Gea was in the position of Kasper Shmicheal today, he would have conceded more goals.. I'm not hating but just want to say that Shimicheal is awesome…

Osvaldo Highlights says:

It's better without music

ArrehAicha says:

Riyad Mahrez deserves better than Leicester city he is amazing like if you agree

Jyotsna Umesh says:

Shemical was amazing this game…

Said Wadani says:

Brought Rashford in, Rashford scored. Brought Fellaini and Lingard in. Lingard assist, Fellaini scored. Ladies n gentlemen, let me introduce Mourinho.

Faris221 says:

Can you P L E A S E remove the music from these otherwise exquisite highlights! Extremely irritating! There is nothing like the sound of the real and actual atmosphere in the stadium.

Prashant Grg says:

is this a Man Utd high light? LOL

Mulualem Beshah says:

I am happy that United has another win! Great!

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