MATCH HIGHLIGHTS I Tottenham v. Arsenal

MATCH HIGHLIGHTS I Tottenham v. Arsenal

Harry Kane’s goal proved to be the difference as Tottenham defeated their North London rivals Arsenal 1-0.



Corey Diggs says:

Dele Ali missed that same goal against Man United the first time they played this season

Muktar Isaack says:

Wenger out Wenger out Wenger out please Wenger please Wenger out please Wenger out please

avetis Tepirjyan says:

That is foul not goal he push so badly whit he’s hands cheating is always in soccer until idiot peoples stop betting on soccer games Stop betting Idiots leave us to watch fair games Stop Betting in online idiots

MannyFckingFresco says:


Owinsky says:

Prince Harry Kane! How the heck can you possibly stop him. He’s just too good of a football player. He’s strong even though he doesn’t look like it and has the technical ability to go with it. He’s an astute and smart player. I like him very much as a player. Coming from a Manchester United fan by the way. OMG!

Assist King Özil #Arsenal says:

Man I feel bad for Čech, I wish he had a defense

Bryan4569 says:

Holy shit.. Kane could’ve scored a hat trick today

Douglas Musya says:

Peter. Strong Saves.

Miles Davis says:

London is White 🤫

Sam Ghioto says:

Did arsenal even play in this match

manny man24 says:

Laca is a good player very intelligent footballer. Wenger has ruined his confidence. Hopefully in time he can get in good form. And Cech played very well today

giloneal1 says:

Sooooo… that happened!!!

Mex says:

Lmao, laca did more than auba in like 10 minutes

CR7 is a legend says:

It's going to be lit in AFTV🔥. See u there😂.

Mueed Khan says:

Feel really bad for Laca hasnt been in form, wenger buys a striker that starts over him, and laca misses a chance to redeem himself in this nld

Jaime Villegas says:

Hopefully arsenal make a striker partnership with laca and auba

Jaime Villegas says:

Y’all sleep on lacazette like he doesn’t even play tht bad it’s just a lack of service

James Kwak says:

Cech saved their arses

Keepah says:

gonna be honest, shit NLD for the neutral

FutbolVinotinto21 says:

All I kept hearing was "KANE!!!"

David Freauf says:

Imagine thinking Laca isn’t a flop 🤧

Jesse Simpson says:

Lol I'm sure Ancelotti went to the game thinking he had players he could work with. Now I'm sure he's not taking the job after that performance

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