MATCH HIGHLIGHTS I Man City v. Leicester City

MATCH HIGHLIGHTS I Man City v. Leicester City

Sergio Aguero scored four goals in the second half as Man City topped Leicester City 5-1.



anekopp reacts says:

Kevin D assists were simply superb is the Main weapon of the team

anekopp reacts says:

Manchester is blue πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

782Danny says:


SlimmReaper Gaming says:

Aguero is a Monster

Lynus Yaya says:

Come on Laporte! Oh hi there! Iheanacho and Mahrez, good job Aguero, De Bruyne!

Totti Netzrot says:

Schmeichel has not what it takes to be a top goalkeeper!!! He is bad with his feet and to slow on the ground. He’s dad was a legend but he is just an average goalie

booty poppin says:

De brunye assists are soo great

Arsenal FC Fan says:

debruyne is too underrated. Since 2015, he has had more assists than anybody else but he cant even make it to the top ten of the ballon Dors

Nelson G. says:

Pep Guardiola is making English football exiting for once.

Angel Jaimes says:

Kun kills it at Man City, but is complete shit for the national team.

PursuingInfinity says:

Might as well rename the video "Sergio Aguero's Highlights" lol

Western Boi says:

Thanks for the hat-trick Kasper

headfirst1987 says:

Ahhhhh the best kind of match, get to see City playing amazing football AND getting to see Leicester royally shafted! Good times all around.

Sihan Xiong says:

De Bruyne is currently the best midfielder in the world without a doubt.

But Belgium still can't win matches

The_wavy1 says:

Personally I think Madrid should buy KDB to replace Modric πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ like if you agree.

Speedii G says:

De Bruyne is class!

Azazel says:

Kuns last goal was dirty asf haha

Benny Pacheco says:

I saw this game live and most of the mistakes were from schmiechel its like if he was asleep during the game I was hoping they would sub him because he didnt look well enough to play.

Captain Tsubasa 10 says:

Woah, but at the same time, Kasper was really poor

Zuffin - says:

Schmeichel probably just had one of his worst games ever, i kinda feel sorry for the lad…

Emilia Abughazeh says:

Kun agueroooooooooooogoals

Sir 96 says:

Round of Applause for that KDB assist to Sterling

Lord Mad says:

khqkahuhsd the last goal was FIRE

David Nwabuisi says:

Saw the highlights and didn't feel upset anymore for missing the game..not just another city win but an awesome performance with Sergio leading the way! #Cityway

Joshua Ansah says:

Look at that assist from Foden

ADAJ3 says:

Man De Bruyne & Aguero were unreal today

Foot Baller says:

I was watching the game until the first half, man I wish I saw the rest of the game

Deontai Gray says:

Debruyne is insane with the assists

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