MATCH HIGHLIGHTS: Chelsea v. Stoke City

MATCH HIGHLIGHTS: Chelsea v. Stoke City

Chelsea made easy work of Stoke City at Stamford Bridge as they earned the three points with a 5-0 win.



Kijana Roland says:

Willian đŸ”¥

Maxwell Peterson says:

was that a penalty?

Amanuel Teshome says:

willan was super amazing

Godfred Ntim says:

Morata misses so many chances đŸ™€

Wyahtt says:

Alvaro Morato is the worst striker in the prem

Mia Khalifa says:

This is the morata I remember at Madrid—missing sitters

gaddamanugu siddhrtha says:

Chelsea 2nd in table but we need to spend big in January to catch Manchester city

Kat Reynolds says:

Morata needs to become a team player

Nickick says:

Pedro always scores good goals

justin paris Imbert says:

Morata could have easily pass the ball for an easy tap in but he was being selfish

hipporage18 says:

Morata really needs to improve his footwork and finishing. Those are key chances that he misses and in other games they are vital

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