MATCH CUT DOWN: Liverpool v. Arsenal

MATCH CUT DOWN: Liverpool v. Arsenal

Relive the action from round three’s matchup between Liverpool and Arsenal.

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Nate Burson says:

You have to wonder if some of the Arsenal composure was cut because of a protest against Wenger. Maybe I'm completely wrong, but to lose 4-0…

ClintGreasewood says:

This match could easily been 6-0. What a great signing Salah has been so far. This guy can legitimately get a hat trick every game.

Alex Moyers says:

Wait. They showed Firmino apparently being subbed off on 74 minutes, but then he was still in the game for the Sturridge goal on 80 minutes. I'm mindfucked.

ThePto95 says:

now i dont have to go to all these ads infested sites to watch highlights

Vincent Castrillo says:

nbc sports is so awesome

Kwenje Banda says:

That Henderson head butt on Salah @10:45 is absolutely hilarious. He does it twice too.

Nazmul Huda says:

Salah Salah Salah… What an awesome player… Barca needs him, not Coutinho

kerpal3 says:

Salah was amazing

Natanael Garcia says:

I feel bad for Čech he is a world class keeper in a team that let's him down so much

aaron vazquez says:

good on ya NBC keep bringing the highlights

Vcescyoga says:

the arsenal defensive line is a joke as always………

Tim v1.0 says:

I love how Arlo White just HAS to predict every goal, even if it's by a millisecond….. "Here's Firmino, over to Mane, cross-to-Jordan-Henderson-surely-he'll-chip-the-keeperrrrraaaaghgh-Jordan Henderson for Liverpool Football Club!!!!!" Calm the hell down and just tell us what's actually happening.

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