Mat Fraser – Making a Champion: Part 15

Mat Fraser – Making a Champion: Part 15

What’s Mat Fraser’s #1 goal after his CrossFit career is over? Watch Part 15 of the NF Sports series to find out!



Dean Willis says:

I think I can say with a degree of certainty that I'd rather have no ears for life than listen to a compilation country album…..that aside, nice series

Cam Bolten says:

If every reality show was like this America would be a better country. I'd do anything to have such an awesome simple life and mindset like his.

Lee Physique says:

What a cool dude

Travis Lay says:

love watching these as I eat fried chicken

Orestis Papapetrou says:

How many parts is this series have?Awesome video though… Good luck in the games mat

Screw You Google says:

Mat, you need a better barber

Screw You Google says:

I REALLY don't want this series to end

Param Ghotra says:

This is my favourite part of the series

Mateus Bezerra de Menezes says:

This guy has grown so much, hope to have his mindset, determination and love someday! Truly inspiring!

Camille Papadopoulos says:

Ive enjoyed getting to know Mat better. I respect him highly for his work ethic! Attacks every challenge like a beast! Love learning the other side of him too! I love to see how much he loves Sammy! She seems like a real sweetheart! CrossFit is awesome, but family is forever! Can't wait for y'all to find that house and have that litter of kids! Beautiful! I'm rooting for you to at the Games! Best wishes!!

AskTheChairman says:

Smoothies past the max line, livin' life on the edge

vdgjolly says:

This is an excellent series. I respected Matt Fraser for all his effort and dedication, but now I like him. At least this series helps to look at him as a humble, smart, hard working and caring person. With high goals at his sport but very grounded ideas for his private life.

sam blustein says:

This one is my favorite of the series

Sir Pudeglas says:

someone too and look up too! 😀

jordan smith says:

Here we go, bet series I've watched on YouTube , Hands down … true grit 🙌👍

Niklas Löhr says:

Mat is the reason i start with crossfit

Andrew Hawcroft says:

Interesting video of an impressive man. Happiness IS everything.

Agustin Amani says:

where is craig's comment?

Kevin Schouten says:

organic food and Milk..

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