Marvel’s Runaways – Episode 8 Teaser

Marvel’s Runaways – Episode 8 Teaser

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ForevisPlayer says:

Finalmente ele irão começar a fugir!!!

Vic Main says:

I watched episode 8 and it was intense. Looking forward to the ep 9. Also does anyone know how many episodes there will be for this season? And how many seasons will there be as well?

aj says:

we want young avengers

Cassandra Anne says:

Karolina's dad is so oblivious it's funny

SomebodyAwesome says:

Spoiler alert 🚨 alex and chase fight

Some Crazed Nerd says:

Is there a way to watch this in the UK? I can't use Hulu in the UK and all my Internet friends say its really good.

ISingand DoOtherThings says:

Thor Odinson

Tacoraptor says:

Okay the only thing stopping me from watching it is how cringey it looks. So is it cringey?

Layin' Down The Law says:

Loving everything about this show so far! An amazing storyline and concept. A breath of fresh air for the Super Hero Genre ✊🏾

tyler curry says:

This has been real disappointing marvel series like inhumans and feel like this could have been written better

eon001 says:

Please don't drag the mysterious on like lost. It had a great start but I'm starting to lose interest.

Ravishka Fernando says:

I would love to act in a Marvel movie or TV show as a marvel character

-4rtur0- says:

wha is hulu?
netflix pls :v

Alain Smith says:

One of the best Marvel shows

kate felix says:

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Ravishka Fernando says:

One of my favorite Marvel series ever

sexy bhabhi says:

Subscribe my chennal and watch hot video 👌👌👌👌

Hemu Patel says:

Hulk is best

Shaggy Rogers says:

Here’s a challenge, try and get passed those Marvel bots. Let’s see if you win

Sen Art Gallery says:

Only 30 second😕 ????

JeeJaba says:

Soooo is it on HBO already so i can go buy sum foking candy and watch this

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