Marvel’s Inhumans – War For Their World

Marvel’s Inhumans – War For Their World

The war for their world begins on ours. Experience the first chapter of Marvel’s #Inhumans early in IMAX this Friday, and watch the complete series on ABC starting 9/29.
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Niko Bellic gaming says:

is this mcu?

ashrendar says:

Cheap bastards shaving Medusa's hair

onyourleftbooob says:

Word of advice @ audiences: don't pay for shit if you don't want to see more shit in the future

Triceratops says:

I want more crystal!!

onyourleftbooob says:

Three words: Fire Scott Buck

Roberto Berríos says:

Don't ever hire that Scott Buck hack, never ever again.

Shehreyar Khan says:

This is so bad! I'm going to enjoin the cringe.

Sherlock Holmes says:

At first I thought it was May at the end there.

Swift Swalow says:

this looks a bit cheap and over-acted…but i'll watch it

Levi Dunn says:

Marvel and Marvel Studios are not the same thing.

Recki says:

They didn't have the budget to make Medusa's hair in the middlw of season, so they shaved her hair so it' can't move. Clever.

Rayray says:

Dear Marvel Marketing team, please use the Avengers Theme in the upcoming Infinity War promotional material

Tasariarony says:

I think its sad that their budget isnt high enough for quality visual effects and good costumes.

2Palu MEAT says:

Complete shit!

Serpher says:

This is gonna be a flop.

Tristan van Geel says:

I like Royal Blood

Marcio Martins says:

Scott Summers was Right!
Emma Frost was Right!
Can't wait for this xD

MyLifeAsLouis says:

So how is this gonna crossover with Agents Of Shield?

Black Nerd JR says:

Id rather get my dick pierced than watch this show

Elyon Star says:

Lol! They couldn't afford the hair CG so they shaved her head!!! That's hilarious!!!

elessal says:

idiots complained so much about her hair that now she got shaved. you damn bastards!

Alain Smith says:

I love this show already just wish Gorgon were white

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