Marvel Studios’ Black Panther – Rise TV Spot

Marvel Studios’ Black Panther – Rise TV Spot

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Ryan Boucher says:

Said take off ya cat-suit, I said babes, mans not hot

VEDM88 says:

That Kendrick soundtrack!

john johnny says:

Looks fun but THIS is the formulaic marvel movie that DC fanboys talk about.

Covenant A'u says:

Best way to calm your nerves down after Valentines 😂🕺🏾

Mike Wazowski says:

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We all know the real heronis Kendrick Lamar

The Mammalizer says:

"The panther,
Meets da tiger.

What's next!"

uservyt says:

niggas gonna nigg bro

BadMan says:

Wakanda Forever!

Mike Wazowski says:

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Section 2. The body politic of this Order shall be known and designated as "Ghouls." KKK

JD Beatty says:

You know a movie is gonna be lit when the trailer opens with Gollum and Bilbo Baggins 🔥 #HobbitPanther

DreamCatcherX says:

Me after every Marvel movie: "I'm tired of Marvel movies, I can't keep up, there are too many, and if I don't watch them all, I don't understand what's going on on the next one… I'll just stop watching them altogether"

Me after the new Black Panther trailer: "That movie looks sick!!!! I can't wait."

Sigh Marvel has me by the nads sigh

Gazella Manami says:

this is going to be amazing. 🙃🤗😉🙃🤗

LeShaunda Dixon says:

My family will be in the building!!! Turn down fo whaaaat!!! NIIIIICE!!!

happy sparkletimeandre8873652 says:

wonder if shiri will be in this

Eric says:

Mans not dog

Анатолий Лях says:

give me your dogeсoin DHQMieCwHkWYTS3JcBEzGLRW2YUpfYmzbF

Manas Sharma says:

What's the name of song???

Dragonosis says:


happy sparkletimeandre8873652 says:

black people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont call me a fake fan i read the comics of every marvel movie

DARSHAN R 15MMT1060 says:

Am I the only one excited for this movie more than Infinity War!!!

TonyDracon says:

only blacks are excited for this lol

mark berg says:

im expecting to have eargasm when i ll watch this.

WielderOfTheTriforce says:

Song name please?

Aman Aman says:

Man, I already called in sick from work for the opening day of this movie!!!

Ritik Raj says:

I have waited my entire life for black panther 😺

Jonathan Hall says:

We wuz Kangz and sheit

minmin wang says:


Kaizen Mckenzie says:

Andy such a underrated actor hope they don't kill him off and 0:29 should've casted Francis Ngannou

Feng Zhao says:

Not even a fan of Black Panther, but watching this gave me goosebumps

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