Manchester United Just Made the Premier League Title Race Interesting

Manchester United Just Made the Premier League Title Race Interesting

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Manchester United threw a wrench in the plans of Premier League title frontrunner Chelsea after a tactical masterclass put on by Jose Mourinho in United’s 2-0 win at home over the weekend. N’Golo Kante made a mistake (did not know that was a possibility based on his play this season) and strong play from Herrera, Pogba and Rashford. Tottenham is now only four points behind Chelsea for the top spot with just a few weeks remaining.

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Sanskar Dutta Baral says:

Man Utd will finish top 4 and win The Europa. Goodbye Arsenal tbh. So, now the question is who will miss out City or liverpool.

João Oliveira says:

Mourinho is still class

Henry Stout Stout says:

No they haven't because if u look at Chelsea's last games apart from Everton there a piece of piss

4117 Ocon says:

Arsenal fans should be terrified of Tottenham.

Marcos Gibson says:

Lukaku ?? ??

samuel jacques says:

spurs are a really good side all the best to them, it's defs going to tight between them and Chelsea to the end of the season for the title.

Diogo Costa says:

hey Francis how do you say that Arsenal are going to sneak in the top 5 by surpassing Everton? they just surpassed them and they're 6th and they're not surpassing United, City or Liverpool

J040PL7 says:

conte said it was his fault because it was, managers shouldn't always take blame for things, if its the players fault he cant let them off easy or else it would just keep happening, although hazzard, as one of the worlds elite should know how to deal with man marking.

nino gold says:

Sorry too say these i have nothing against pogba but he didn't do shit.

Kumbaa de Kumbinator says:

Chelsea are still winning the league

Shaka Deshk says:

Jason, the raptors will win the series enough with the criticism

La Flame the Legend says:

Arsenal = Cowboys
Their fans are so delusional its pathetic.

Arman United says:

Talk about Manchester United

SuperJordan Carrillo says:

Why Jason gotta always shit on the Raptors

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