Manali, Himachal Pradesh | India Travel Vlog

Manali, Himachal Pradesh | India Travel Vlog

We left the Kumbh Mela festival in Ujjain both feeling extremely, extremely ill. We arrived at the world famous Taj Mahal trying to hold it together. We then headed over to Delhi. But it was when we headed north to Manali, Himachal Pradesh that we started to see a whole different side to India. This is what happened…



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mariannie taylaran says:

it was nice to see you here in Bohol… hope you upload videos from Bohol

Ankit Vatsal says:

Love you Guy's from India

Juhi Anand says:

lucky guys.Guys frm othr cuntrys trvellng in my cuntry.And I lev in india nvr visted any plce jst my school,house,nerby mrket,grandmom house.I also wnt to trvel.God plz mke me a boy.I hate bng a grl espiclly wth sch a orthodox &barbaric family.I wsh I cn lev in europe bt nt possible I knw bcz mny resns.

fried Chips says:

You should visit indian union territory – Lashyadweep island ( in it bangaram islands, thinikara islands) and andaman Nicobar islands (in it neil islands, rose islands, havelock islands, Radha Krishna beach, elephant beach etc) are like Maldives. For snowy himalayas visit Indian state sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh , Himachal Pradesh, ladakh, Leh. For Ganga and religious tourism – Uthrakhand state (Rishikesh), state Himachal Pradesh, state Uttar Pradesh -Varanasi. North East Indian States Meghalaya and Darjeeling offers nature, greeny lush misty mountains, waterfalls. State Assam is known for animal safari( Kaziranga-elephants, rhino etc). Rajasthan is known for dessert, tiger safari, monuments and palaces.. Punjab state -amritsar is known for golden temple beauty a must place to go , While Kerala state offers back water beaches, Munnar mountains, boat house in lake, tree house etc. For monuments etc (Delhi, Gujarat, bengal, rajastan, UP state offers it. be careful while visiting state (Delhi, UP, Bihar) Law and order is messy there as UP, Bihar are India's poorest states and because it's close to delhi it affects delhi too) Check every indian state /union territory and its tourist places on Google, visit if you like those. Stay away from all state – cities. It's only meant to work, offers fast food and is at times crowed since whole India's workforce is concentrated there. The inland ( where majority of India's land mass is) you find sparse people(as all migrated to city), villages, greenery, nature etc. Discover those.. However such areas won't offer amenities like Indian cities offer. Best time to visit india for snow/coral sand beaches (I mentioned above) is in winter months (oct end to jan end) (snowy Himalayas months -dec to jan) Avoid summer months it's hot for foreigners (summer months – feb end to May end). Monsoons offer good chilled climate but heavy rainfall, floody at times are not ideal for mountains and transport, avoid those months too (monsoon -June to sept end). India offers stay, home, food, clothing, mode of transport for all sections of society – poor, middle class, rich. You will get amenities + luxury depending on money you pay. Seeing things extremely cheap in India foreigners go for lowest bid in accommodation at shady places, half made building etc meant for poor/labour class as they can only afford that much. Don't do that, even indian middle class won't do it. Stay on budget, you would spend in any other country on each things. If one still prefer going for dirt cheap thing at 1$ price , please don't get frustrated over one time stuff, bad accommodation, bad area etc. Because at such low price, one would only get those. So always chose standard price accommodation which will offer good place, amenities etc. Hope the tips are helpful. for whenever you make trip to india ,….,.

ajit londhe says:

dear u used wrong map of india.In this map big area of jammu and kashmir is showing in china…please take care next time use correct map

Somnath Pal Das says:

nice videos. but don't miss North East or East India to see real beauty of India. subbed you. I also travel across india. hope you will like

Vaibhav Namita Jain says:

amazing video <3
Chopta-Tungnath-Chandrashila is an amazing place to visit, do watch my vlog on it on my channel!

Harshit Srivastava says:

never watch a video by seeing the thumbnail.

akash chauhan says:

I've traveled through the dephts of India. I still recommend Himachal and noth east as the best places to be seen in India. These places are less polluted and beautiful

Arpan Dutta says:

Love your videos guys, keep it up! and you two look cute together too! Best Wishes.

trending videos says:

Money doesn't buy happiness, money can buy crazy ass happiness😂👌

francis puruolte says:

It is 47 degree Hot because you went there in July…..

Atul Raizada says:

do you know the name of waterfall? I also went there but cannot remember it..

Shubham Garbyal says:

pls come dehradun

sunny chaudhary says:

hope u enjoyed guys

John Ster says:

Your friend looks Indian

Esha Esha says:

come timilnadu and visit many historical temples and kodaikanal,ooty

Nandish Pathak says:

with due respect map of India you showed was incorrect

nitz vision says:

you should have come in winter season …Yu guys wasn't cleaver enough

Nima Wangdi says:

guys we have visited so many place ,and I appreciate so did you ever heard country call Bhutan,let try in Mr Google and let me know ,I guess you guys enjoy and get good experience ,come guys

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