Man City cruise to 2-0 win over Stoke City

Man City cruise to 2-0 win over Stoke City

David Silva scored two goals for Man City as they beat Stoke City at the bet365 Stadium.



Mike Lobo says:

Selfish from Sterling, just selfish!

serialkilla23 says:

stupid black sterling …make all wrong decision …dumb stupid.

Joe Joseph says:

Man city play like in playstation

Yaboy says:

Selfish selfish sterling haha he’s goal hungry!

Ian Salmeron says:

Raheem Sterling is good with scoring and assisting but tbh he misses a lot of chances and he’s one of my favorite players 🙂

Samuel Lugo says:

From a Liverpool fan to all the Man U fans this is how you play real football. Respect ✊

Leroy Sane- Smith says:

Shaquiri is a good player. If Stoke get relegated then I think he should be on another PL team like Leicester City or Arsenal

Anthony Chitic says:

De Bruyne’s been a bit lack luster lately. Would love to see him do wonders again. Hasn’t really been his brilliant self since Cup win.

Julio Vega says:

For those talking about that last play, there is no written rule about who can confront a drop ball. Players generally leave it to one team out of fair play, but there's nothing against the rules that says City players can't be there also.

Bence Zakota says:

Wouldve been satisfying to see the defender stomp the fuck out of that little shit sterling at the end

Toa Ninjis says:

1:56 when you skill dribble into the box in FIFA but get too close to the keeper

Jorge Acevedo says:

That ref was trying to help City in that last play

jtim83 says:

Shaqiri ( i think thats how you spell his name ) is a great player. If stoke gets regelated, I hope he goes to a another premier league team

Simon Garrett says:

dang city are good – hope Sterling can get clinical again soon

Emil Abd says:

Damn Rahim, stop being selfish, at least you could get an assist.

Matthew Marvel says:

Last part Sterling should do better

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