MALTA TRAVEL GUIDE | Blue Lagoon, Gozo On An Open Jeep, Valletta, Comino | Travel Guide/Vlog 2016

MALTA TRAVEL GUIDE | Blue Lagoon, Gozo On An Open Jeep, Valletta, Comino | Travel Guide/Vlog 2016

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A long weekend in Malta including a festival with dancing paper confetti, the glittering Mediterranean sea, Blue Lagoon and exploring around Gozo island hanging off the back of an open jeep with a rock ‘n’ roll old man as your guide.

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chris cullen says:

Really enjoyed this

Maia Bonnici says:

I'm maltese and that Jeep driver just completely swore in your video sorry to say that 🙁

Luma says:

Thank you for this video! I watched it before going to Malta. Blue Lagoon is so beautiful. I made a cinematic video there if anyone wants to check it out!

Jessica Cutajar says:

you got a new maltese subscriber 🙂 Thanks for the amazing video xxx

Nathan Gatt says:

great video but you got most place name pronunciation wrong and the jeep guy was actually swearing. it's a typical maltese thing. and unfortunately the azure window in dwejra collapsed this march.

Elegancy 101 says:

what camera do you use

Jess Louise says:

I love the way you filmed this! I'm going to Malta in July and now I'm really excited 🙂

Marsim says:

12:11 1 thing for certain is that it the azure window has now become a diving site (if you know what I mean)

Diana Gabriela says:

Is their English accent hard to understand?

Maria Rizzo says:

This is our little island small but beautiful…. hope you enjoyed:)

martin muscat says:

WELL DONE AND thank you for visiting Malta

Charley Bugeja says:

driving in Malta is crazy compared to England but I love it so much and I'm going back in April to see family:) so excited

Non Stop says:

I went for the first time last July from the UK, I'm still missing the place, and finding my self looking at videos of Malta, I had such a good time whilst over there, I love the weather, the lifestyle over their seems better then my current lifestyle lol, but I don't know if that's just because I was on holiday, it would be good to get some body's view who has been on holiday and also worked over their as to what its like then.

Nic _Gaming says:

Hi Shu thanks for visiting Malta 🙂 just to let you know I am from Malta 🇲🇹

Geffá Oliveira says:

what's the name of the city where the films where filmed?

Lauren Johnson says:

I'm visiting Malta in March and I am just wondering what the pricing is like. Would you say it is expensive???

Gallus Gallivants says:

We just spent christmas in Malta and Gozo, it was weird being in such a sunny yet Uk feeling place in winter, The sights were amazing though especially the Game of Thrones locations and the natural sea scapes. Awesome place and cant wait to get back, i shot a lot of it from above my drone. Keep inspiring! love from Scotland

Janet Ruder says:

what you called the blue hole is in fact called the azure window

lina ledesma says:

Nice trip 😍I'm planning to go!!

Airfire says:

Your Hot..I really want to go to all the nice swimming places..

Damo K says:

Great video, I was also in Valletta when the weekend festival was on it was good fun.

naomi xerri says:

O my god I live in Gozo in Għajnsielem😍😍 if you ever come again come during the last week of August and come to Għajnsielem preferabli on Friday at night.. we have the feast and on Friday lots of people come

chriiissyy lopez says:

I live in gozo its really beautiful hope u enjoyed your visit and i really loved your vlog <3 <3 <3

Ivann Borg says:

well done Shu. very nicely edited 🙂

heyyaliyana says:

I am planning on studying aboard there! Do you have any links to the tours you went on? It would be amazing if you could provide those for me. Great video! I am looking into making more travel blogs and this video inspired me! Thank you 🙂

chachee15 says:

a hot asian with a hot british accent. It cant get any better than that

Kristina Magri says:

lol 8:38

Sabine Hennig says:

Now I am looking even more forward to moving 🙂 Thanks great Video

Ian Micallef says:

Glad you enjoyed our lovely islands 🙂

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