Maia, Alex Shibutani finish second in team short dance (FULL)

Maia, Alex Shibutani finish second in team short dance (FULL)

Maia and Alex Shibutani are competing in their first-ever team event in PyeongChang.



Morgan Henry says:

Crushing so hard on Alex.
They are so amazing. ❤

yliutang says:

They dance very well. Only wish the guy wear either black or red shirt.

Loraine Spencer says:

I liked how it was a fun, precise program that wasn't sexualized, as so much dancing is nowadays.

Neema Kamala says:

5 seconds in

Ruben Ruiz says:

They are my favs and my babies!

vang jen says:

Shibsibs ❤️

Mr. BoogerButt666 says:

My favorite dance from them, by far! The music selection was great, and they hit on the musical elements with their twizzles so well

Laurel says:

That twizzle <3

zenyattas balls says:

I hope you’ll be adding the free dance also because I love it so much! This was so fun to watch, I just love the Shibutani duo!

Esther Piry says:

really amazing Maia & Alex Shibutani .. love them!

Stephen Spinola says:

Wow. And this is only the 2nd best ice skating duo in the world.

Lisa ONeal says:

NO CAPTIONS, HEY NBC SPORTS do your little part for hearing disability!

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