Magic Johnson Praises Lonzo Ball

Magic Johnson Praises Lonzo Ball

Magic Johnson Praises Lonzo Ball

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Ralph Carl says:


Paolo Gasparetto says:

Magic is such a good person

serialkiller77 says:

Please give Kuzma more minutes. That dude can ball man

Combat Sports Talk - Los Angeles says:

Love what Magic has done with Pelinka to our Lakers. Can't wait until the regular season 🙇🏻⛹🏻

Timeoftroubles says:

Magic is the GOAT! 🐐 Barr none, baby!

Wolvarine Solid X says:

Lonzo is gonna be a superstar! Forget what haters say. He proving why he is the 2nd draft pick for the Lakers!

Lebron James says:

I'm lebron and I like pussy

Javier Chavez says:

thank you Magic Johnson for slowly but surely turning this franchise around to what it used to be not too long ago #Lakers4Life

General Maudy says:

dam all 41 games almost sold out. nice

Steven ________ says:

I love magic

Jacob Williams says:

Magic Is happy and it makes me happy that he is so happy

Bobby Vega says:

It's a great time to be a Laker fan!

monstars02 says:

Lonzo Going To Make The Lakers Great Again…..I Have To Find A Better Way To Say That

Alfonso says:

I listen to Magic speaking, I remember how he played and I just have to be a Laker fan, it's not possible not to be a laker fan because lakers is Magic Johnson!

Donny Block says:

Looking for some feedback to improve and constructive criticism :

IAmTony says:

Lonzo Ball is the goat

beatsbycam says:

magic never had aids

MaineTechTV says:

That shirt very nice Magic

familydragon says:

Killer dimes, high iq and not exactly the prettiest shot stroke. Magic sees the closest thing to a successor to himself with these attributes. He sees the showtime in this kid. Real realize Real.

Ty Bollae says:

magic changed the perception of lakeshow in 3 months

TegRsx says:

praise lonzo ball till he chokes on the regular season lol

trecloudy says:

magic is slowly pulling the lakers outta the abyss Kobe got them into (not kobes fault)

Magic Johnsons Needle says:

Where the laker tickets at

Emmanuel Uluabuike says:

Magic genuinely is a happy person

Sav iTar says:

best point guard of all time

Shoot me in the fucking head ,ok says:

I'm sure he's a positive person, but you know he's positive at other things

Daniel Agalar says:

I love Magic. Such a positive person.

Alan Edwards says:

i love magic….

Terrance Miller says:

Magic & Pelinka have done amazing things for the Lakers already, hasn't been a single move I didn't like.. look forward to watching the Lakers hoop next year, gonna be fun for sure

bluetarget says:

Finally a President the Lakers fans needed.

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