Luka Milivojevic misses potential game-winning PK

Luka Milivojevic misses potential game-winning PK

In a chaotic stoppage time sequence, Crystal Palace’s Luka Milivojevic misses a potential game-winning penalty kick resulting in a Man City counterattack.



Anuj K says:

that penalty was not even a try

Siddhartha Lama says:

so glad that ederson saved the pk.

lildog143 says:

bad penalty kick . lets just say that man is not clutch !!

Cobi Moltzon says:

Ugh… I wish Palace scored. That was a bad penalty by Luka Milivojevic. Zaha should of taken it. He drew the penalty. Be the man and step up and finish what you started. You're probably the best player on Palace and you're not even taking the penalty. Donkey!

Assist King Özil #Arsenal says:

If anything he should’ve smashed the ball straight the middle

TheTrap says:

Aguero shoulda fed it to Sterling. Awful decision from him. C'mon City.

Toa Ninjis says:

And I thought Benteke's penalty was bad

tremburger 2 says:

At 1:22 you can see de bruyne getting rekt

alex cajilema says:

Damn, that penalty shot was horrible

irving pagan says:

If he wouldve made the penalty, they wouldve won and kdb wouldve never gotten hurt

shawn Greene says:

The crowd went crazy, why a love this game

Alberto Torres says:

Stupid crystal palace, now city will run away with it.

Pedro Sanchez says:

Zaha smiling but after pk miss sure he wasn't

Liverpool FC, Cubs, Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks, says:

Why celebrate before the spot kick is kicked… good for city… palace lads shouldn't have celebrate before the kick…

Richard Veliz says:

Hope de bruyne is ok I love city best season yet

G-Sound Beats says:

Why the fuck u make all those lil moves before kicking a penalty ..just go straight up and kick the penalty man shit that's why u fucked it up dumbass

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