Lonzo Ball Postgame Interview vs Clippers 7/7/17

Lonzo Ball Postgame Interview vs Clippers  7/7/17

Lonzo Ball Postgame Interview vs Clippers 7/7/17

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tenzwoser1 says:

This guy talks like Westbrook, concise and to the point.

pablo ramos says:

last night took an L but tonight I bounce back ??

David hubble says:

Love Lonzo, hate Lavar. Like if u agree

yu says:


PeekaPeep says:

Lonzo should've known better than to take that many threes when he had a slow-footed defender like Kendall Marshall on him, lol. KNOW YOUR ENEMY, LONZO!!! Art of War, buddy…

Guy Disney says:

I love this Kids poise attitude ! He's gonna be one of the great ones! You tell him he can't do anything and he'll prove u wrong! And as for the haters! Hear the first part of Snoop Doggs song Lay Low by Dr Dre!

Ever Quintanilla says:

lonzo ball will fine it was bad game i mean everyone has a game and that does not mean that he a bust

Danny Branderson says:

Heartbreaking game. THREE number two picks in a row in drafts that were considered strong to VERY strong. What do we have to show for it? A salary dump, Starvin Marvin and a legit clown.

Douglas Lawson says:

trade him while u can

YourTypicalGeek says:

im sorry for the performance i gave my family….real

Jalen Covington says:

I'm a lakers fan, I don't think Lonzo will be a bust but like i've told all my friends he isn't on a Curry, Westbrook, Wall, Lillard, Irving, Thomas, etc. level and unless he puts in a shit load of work he won't get there. I predict that he'll be like D'angelo, someday he might be better. If we're lucky we will have our own Jru Holiday or Reggie Jackson… We miss you Russel… come home… please.

mjlitratista says:


ajf23 says:

He give interviews worse than the Migos

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