LONGEST TRAVEL EVER vlog: Netherlands to France to China to VIETNAM

LONGEST TRAVEL EVER vlog: Netherlands to France to China to VIETNAM

Traveling on an extreme budget means finding the cheapest flights possible- sometimes ones taking days to get to your destination. Filmed in December. More Vietnam videos to come!
In order to get back to Saigon from the Netherlands, I had to fly back to Paris for the return flight which was the cheapest possible flight which made me fly through Shanghai with a long lay over where I met up with Kevin Cook at http://www.youtube.com/monkeyabroad and then to Kunming where they lost my baggage for a month and then finally back to Saigon where OldBoy lived with me starting that month. http://www.youtube.com/yevato101
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About Me: I’m Kyle Le and I used to live, travel, and eat in Vietnam and many Asian countries. I’m passionate about making videos and sharing modern Asia to the world. I’ve traveled everywhere in Vietnam, from Hanoi to Saigon – Far North, Central Highlands, Islands, and Deep Mekong Delta – I’ve visited there. In addition to 15+ countries from Indonesia to Thailand to Singapore, you’ll find all of my food, tourist attractions, and daily life experiences discovering my roots in the motherland on this amazing journey right on this channel. So be sure to subscribe- there’s new videos all the time and connect with me on social media below so you don’t miss any adventures.
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Original Music by Antti Luode.
Filmed with a Panasonic G7 14-140mm. 15mm
Audio from a Shure VP38F



Kyle Le Dot Net says:

This was filmed in December, therefore my "return" to Vietnam from Europe happened before I left. Many videos that were filmed in January and February were edited and released before this Europe series. For instance, my friend's wedding or the Tet videos happened before this Europe trip. For time and time sensitivity purposes they were released this series. Stay tuned because some great Vietnam based videos are coming your way! Thank you again for the support.

pee lee says:

what happened to oldboy?


Kevin a a really cool dues, him and Trevor James should collaborate as only speak Chinese.

minhhai kim says:

What are you doing rn? Still recording video?

Van Whalls says:

what happen to Old Boy? His wife left him or some? She is so scary! i wouldn't last with her one day! Sorry Old Boy!

trinhcuong 1964 says:

Kyle, are you talking to me or everyone n everybody n any one, like n love u or not ayh? seem like u look at me I guess from camera n been watch lot yr vids very interesting like I know u, hihihih. he eat n drink too much junk food no wonder he look like that ayh! u r what u eat, junk food will make his body look junky, hihihih.

trinhcuong 1964 says:

so much communist China n Vietnam n Russia are so bad dumb ignorant evil fail poor inhumane backward inferior copycat asian system ayh from anti commie freaks n clowns n losers n assholes n troublemakers n terrorist whom always been spewing garbage, hate n divisionness, dead, destruction, destitute, danger, doom n insults against Asians, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, communist, latin, arabian n Muslim n Jews etc…

Thanh Huynh says:

Allways been loving your videos ❤️

Quang B says:

Doritos & gummy bears ?

Skumpc says:

what happen to yevatos wife?

datstocklyfe says:

That is also my definition of true happiness.

Bob Frieser says:

Do'nt stay in the Netherlands!
It ok here without you!

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