Longest Kickoff Returns in NFL History (105+ yards)

Longest Kickoff Returns in NFL History (105+ yards)


Goat Garbage says:

2:02 voice crack

Flint Given says:

y is preseason on here


Ok so is Minnesota the best return team in history cause its like every other highlight is a Minnesota touchdown.

HolyGhostHungry says:

ya cuz no one was holding the niners on that KR hahahaha

Chance Webster says:

Logan and Cobb are the best ones.

The Valiant Victini says:

kinda expected at least 1 Devin Hester highlight.

Whitney Dowds says:

7:207:33 I said this immediately when it occurred: that's how you end a playoff game in 11 seconds. Quickest way to send a message in a playoff game that your team will not be beat

Porkchoppiggy vlogs says:

My favorite part is 0:27

LatamirDigital says:

3:59 Classic Cutler

Daniel Linares says:

Video idea: best plays by big men?

Highlight Handles says:

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Highlight Handles says:

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Spoder- Man says:


TPG says:

I love it when their own teammates knock them down after they score
"bro wtf, why you knocking me down like that… Bitch"

Cord Scaggs says:

90% of these were against the broncos???????

Shaggy army says:

Look at #95 at 2:00 ( Top right of the screen ) ????

CarolinaPanthers#SupermanCam #1 says:

At 2:50 watch #84 as he pankakes dat bitch

Irish Bigfoot says:

you should do shortest pick sixes or something, that would be funny to watch

The Dez Dispenser says:

I called Knile Davis TD against the Texans too ?

Leaf Moylan says:

Wow, surprised not to see D Jack in these clips

Jt DerBoss says:

It's basically all Vikings ?

Justice Covert says:

Jacoby Jones was a man possesed that season.

William Jung says:

For anyone who wondered, the first one was the longest (109 yard World Record)

Little Blue Thomas says:

in Jacoby we trust

ajs01331 says:

Why use the preseason footage ? That's useless .

Shamus Johnson says:

Things I learned about kicking the football off to the Vikings: don't.

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