Live Q&A and Travel Update Part 3!

Live Q&A and Travel Update Part 3!

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Finnur Oktosson
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Vickie Carpio says:

Good afternoon Finn, I am 63 years old, maybe I'm one of the oldest of your fan, anyway
I enjoyed very much all the videos you done in my country,
Philippines .
I admired you very much for being travelling alone.
Good luck ciao

Jax Gawili says:

Sagada. Finn is located in the northern part of Luzon, Philippines in the Cordillera , Mountain Province. It is near Ifugao where the rice terraces is located( 7th wonder of the world) or we call it also as "stairway to heaven." LOL! Finn, Aheezy the Islander is a blogger too. An American with family living in Bohol, Philippines. Visit him if you go back to the island…

June Querol says:

go in november. that's when all hell breaks lose.. it will blow you away literally hahah.jk

brebreboo lardoo says:

You should be here in the in December Finn. Experience the chrismas here in the Philippines.

Dee Kebek says:

but anyways how u gonna adapt to our loko 😊 filipino culture lots different from icelandicπŸ‘£

Grace Punzal says:

im not into vlog thing..but this is the very first vloger i have subscribed to..really love this guy..hope to see you one day..:)

Riezle Paglinawan says:

I missed again your live stream.. πŸ˜”

Gie Mansueto says:

Hi Finn, watching from Qatar…. 😊

Jhanna J says:

missed it 😞

Jo Ban says:

January is cooler

Julia Mercado says:


kylee's fun adventure says:

yaay! we have the same zodiac sign. hello to librans! 😊

Hernil Lynn says:

finn, the normal end of rainy season is September but the climate changes always and rainy season extends.. maybe, go by start of November..

clarita mallonga says:

dec- apr is the best time

clarita mallonga says:

dec- apr is the best time

Dee Lawton says:

Missed it.. πŸ™ I hope there will be next time

clarita mallonga says:

finn how do like visiting in my country PH?

clarita mallonga says:

hi finn how are you today?

Abdullah Laguindab says:

Assalamolaikom… From Dubai

Mila Penaranda says:

Hi finn im from Bohol Philippines i enjoy watching your vlog..hope you have more videos in iceland ..

Sebastian Asia says:

I had 2 backpacks for travelling before but together they are to heavy for walking in the heat of Thailand and the philippines. This year i will have one drone backpack and one small luggage on 4 weels. Same size like a plane cabin luggage. Its more comfortable and small enough to put it on the motorbike Taxi if needed.

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