Live Q&A and Travel Update Part 2!

Live Q&A and Travel Update Part 2!

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Finnur Oktosson
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Florida Aguada says:

😉Watching in Hongkong.😞from Luzon Phils

Alea Namb says:

wow, nice to hear it from you❤❤

Riezle Paglinawan says:

Have you been in taiwan finn? You should try that place a lot of places to visit..

ivan Dawood84 says:

I love you finsnow

har mar says:

finnoy you have plan to coming back in the philippines?

Jo Ban says:

Good morning from LA, CA😄

Melinda Raglem says:

Hi Finn, i missed your live video. huhuhu! i hope next time i can watch your live video if timing to have a breaktime to work. Watching now from Thailand. We love you. From Bacolod City Philippines.

Sebastian Asia says:

You can only have a filipina gf or wife because your life is focused on the philippines. If you have a gf from another country she must be also in love with the philippines otherwise you and her wont match together. So at the end it must be a filipina. I can not have a gf which is not filipina because everyday i watch youtube about the philippines and i admire the girls there.

Michelle Espineda Ocean8521 says:

Did you take a shower first before go live? Same shirt… 😂😂😇

Shalyne Hirro says:

hi finn snow what's that your profile which place is that? I'm watching from Kuwait

Benita Munez says:

hi Finn watching you from Singapore I am a pinay.

alexis santiago says:

hi Finn, what's your favorite place in philippines. ?

kylee's fun adventure says:

hey finn! good morning from vegas!

Rawbo Magaj says:

Hi finn, it seems hou were cut off. I am on mobile now. I wanted to type questions but apparently, i cannot access anything on the screen so i can type.

Anne Abbas says:

How was your Mom finn, hope she is getting better.watching from HK

Abd Karim Kaka says:

No reply instagram ….;!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ariel dimla says:

How is your mom doing Finn ?

ariel dimla says:

Hi Finn , from kuwait here

Abd Karim Kaka says:

you are very good

johndave lee says:

what is your religion if you don't mind ? god bless your family .

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