“Life of Kylie” on E! – First Look | E!

“Life of Kylie” on E! – First Look | E!

Think you know the real Kylie? The youngest Kardashian-Jenner star takes fans behind the camera and into her personal life. “Life of Kylie” premieres August 6 at 9|8c on E!

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About Life of Kylie:
“Life of Kylie” will follow Jenner as she navigates her unique life as an entrepreneur, fashion designer, author, television star, style icon and CEO/Founder of Kylie Cosmetics. After spending over half her life on TV on E!’s hit series “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” and with over a hundred million followers across Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, people feel they already know Kylie, but this series will allow her fans and the public to see behind the scenes of her ever-expanding world.

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“Life of Kylie” on E! – First Look | E!



Jessica Caldera says:

They can't get enough clips of her because she isn't showing up 😂😂 looks cheaply made for a multi millionaire

Christopher Sumlin says:

Looks like the same trailer I saw a gazillion times…. but okay "First Look."

J.Rene Daven says:

It's IRONIC that you have someone with FALSE/AUGMENTED LIPS have both a logo & brand featuring "Real Lips"…#MayThisShowBOMBasQuickAsHerFAKENESS!

Lexie Love says:

Kylie has always been my favorite Kardashian/Jenner since she was a little girl lol 🙂

HalbRahm says:

How can I get E! In switzerland? Do I have to pay?

Clorox Bleach SA says:

Nobody has the perfect life …… ok sure Kylie like omfg u have anything and everything u ever want in the world for the worst reason your mom was friends with somebody who got murdered and then your mom made a huge thing about it to get y'all in the spot light and then y'all got y'all own show bc of it

Starskull375 375 says:

Raindrop drop top let's get this comment to the top top 💯

CALife says:

This is going to be better than Game of Thrones, can't wait.

zainab awais says:

The kardashians/jenners always need an excuse to stay in the spotlight, that may be from starting a show, being a model,starting jewelry and makeup lines,taking controversial photos!!!

XVXRXRDX 777 says:

Artificial bitches be like

Kaguya Life says:

Been waiting for this show all year gurll😇😍😍😘

Ana Alves says:

The more I know, the more I know I do not know.

Baby Rella says:


Domestos Bleach says:

I cant wait 😩😍

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