Life of Kylie | First Look | E!

Life of Kylie | First Look | E!

Think you know the real Kylie? The youngest Kardashian-Jenner star takes fans behind the camera and into her personal life. “Life of Kylie” premieres July 6 at 10|9c on E!


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Life of Kylie | First Look | E!



kam.voick says:

america, why you making stupid people famous so much 🙁

EDGARone619KING says:

This girl is a brainwashed idiot please save her from her wackness.

Donald TRiUMPh says:

No talent garbage

Paige Arnol says:

Who cares!
The rich get richer, must be nice to get paid to do nothing.

WEWARD says:

Famous because her sister fucked a C-list rnb artist. Nice

Matts Vlogs says:

jealous haters!! id like to see y'all live her life!!
lol you'd probs all fail!

thomas santiago says:


Jingle Dangle says:

Life of a plastic bag

Zaid Khan says:

Oh my god. Why everyone hates Kylie. She's the best.

Xavier Prime says:

i miss her paper thin lippz….???????

jimin hearteu says:

the only icon I know of is BTS and my profile icon

BoomShakaLaka says:

Stop making plastic bitches famous

Giannis Antetokounmpo says:

You know what's harder than growing up on camera? Growing up in poverty

Imma Paulsen says:

I already love it

Timothy Schmitz says:

They need to change the name to TRASH TV

Lebohang Mafubedu says:

I really like the background song in this video and I can't wait to tune in.

ThickGurl Nae says:

idk why so many people hate on her, youtube "Daddy mikey – trackmeet" just thank me later…

TC Fans says:

why isn't it called 'realising things'

thugangel662 says:

The reason the kardashians are famous is because OJ killed that white girl, and their dad defended him. Juice, you deserve jail…

R3Ddeuce Fellows says:

waiiiiit …. icon ???? really LMAO America should be shameful

Chris B says:

The Life of Kylie: Riding her family's fame and monopolizing off of her last name because she can't monopolize on actual talent.

Sara Gad says:

If u guys don't like keep to yourself and don't watch anything related to this
Instead of judging celebrities judge people who kill and create war

JoshuaSr33 says:

I can't wait till she becomes Kyle Jenner

FlixCreEightR says:

Nothing is real about this girl anymore. Nothing but work done on her. She's 100% fake. The only real looking sister is Kendall. Kylie was always the ugly one of the family. No wonder she had all that work done on her.

Random person says:

0:07 hmmm she's been eating glue !!!

Alexandre Arizmazda says:

She has so many fans

that's not a good thing

should have more dislikes

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