Learn how to make Travel Videos!

Learn how to make Travel Videos!

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After 20 years experience in travel video production, I have decided to create a course to help others turn their travels into video stories. The course will be made up of six segments and feature practical video examples from my 600+ youtube videos;

*Finding your voice –

Getting use to being on camera, finding your own unique voice

*Gear Selection –

Selecting the right gear for the type of videos you want to make

*Story and format –

Looks at various travel video formats and how to make sure you get the right shots while you are traveling, so you can make a decent video when you get back home.

*Staying out of trouble –

Tips and tricks for staying safe when filming in public

*Finding stories and allies –

How to get access to great people and great stories

*Making money to support your travel –

Various ways to make money with your videos

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