LEAGUE UP! Contest Announcement – Win Justice League Movie Experience

LEAGUE UP! Contest Announcement – Win Justice League Movie Experience

You don’t need superpowers to win a trip to the Justice League movie premiere. You just need to grab some friends and LEAGUE UP! DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. announce the League Up Contest. First, pull together a team of five friends who embody each of the heroes of the Justice League: Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman and the Flash. Then, put together a fun plan to celebrate the upcoming Justice League movie, and post a video about it on Twitter! If you’re a finalist, you may get a chance to put your plan in action…and win a heroic experience you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

For full details, visit http://www.dccomics.com/contest

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el Médico Extraño says:

The female host kinda looks like eliza taylor at first glance 🙂 If I had not went back to see her name I'd really assume she's the Wanheda

MrJohnny583 says:

WHAT?! What about Supes?

Osvaldo Jr says:

Where's Superman??? 😎

index certain says:

people with great willpower can be green lantern

MythicalSalmon says:

I can't wait for the new trailer tomorrow

mrcooldeadly85 says:

Im sry but Cybrog look like weird as hell

Jordan Lopez says:

I need friends…


Is this contest for the US only?

Ryley 18 says:

Can Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa, Ezra Miller, and Ben Affleck be on my team

Galgo V2 says:

AND GREEN LANTERN!?!?!!?! $#@#*

MrBeniscoolLOL says:

Yay. Another contest for America only.

Carlos Sanchez says:

When you have no friends….

Frogboy says:

What is friends?

Apoc goodman says:

aaaaw, but I'm the only nerd I know. everyone I know think they too cool for superheroes

Adidas Boy says:

I need friends

Paully ESTRADA says:

too bad the website isn't available yet…

BTW says:

amazing idea, good luck leaguers

Eric Willis says:

I'm so tired of waiting for this movie to come out

Dexter Ferguson says:

Me:All right! A JL contest!
Video:Form a team of 5 friends-
Me:- Shuts off computer and cries self to sleep –

Joey Danger says:

The link dccomics.com/contest isnt working

Will Mac says:

@DC Entertainment – link to contest is broken

Orange Porridge says:

Curse my introverted friendlessness.

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