Lazarus’ Last Run | Time Travel is so Complicated

Lazarus’ Last Run | Time Travel is so Complicated

This is a six piece series. This was shot in the beginning of April. Since our timeline has skipped around a bit, this will be the last trip in Lazarus. Literally a trip down memory lane before the next chapter begins.

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Shop Dave says:

N o longer a productive member of society, I have subscribed and am out of here.

Karen Christensen says:

Looking forward to watching your new journey!

Smitty Smithsonite says:

Was a great ride around the country the past, what, 4 years now? Now, on to the next thing! ๐Ÿ™‚

Yeah, we miss the kitty too! KITTY! KITTY! KITTY! ๐Ÿ˜€

Love the head-tilting dogs do when you talk to them. Cracks me up every time! ๐Ÿ™‚

Brian Wallace says:

y av u left trucking ?

marine919 says:

Are you filming with a GoPro ?

thomas m. tordel jr. says:

so,, was it a case of "reality" not matching the "dream"?..

j. w. says:

Everything in life has an end, it is sad tho. Thank you for the ride, stay safe and take care.

RxMixer says:

Picture resolution looks nice on phone, but not so great when casting to TV. Also, looks like your running at like 20 fps…if got seizure problemsโ€‹, these videos are a no go…very jittery…not fun to watch….just sayin'.

RCDesertRat says:

Jet looking at you eating ice cream-"so you have Some to give me right? Right? Mom?" Lol

Dread Pirate Trucker says:

I'm so glad to see a new video. Had me worried you'd quit us haha. Waiting to see some interesting videos from the new motor home. DPT

Dark Fang says:

Damn Allie your one crazy lady. I thinks that's why your so awesome. Plus the eyes. You mutant lol…

Christopher Uy says:

Bye Laz, Bye!!! Gonna miss you so much!!! I feel emotional about the title, Lazarus' last run…

James Stepp says:

Gonna miss Laz a lot. You two were such an awesome team. Any chance you can get JP to let you take Laz for a spin once in a while? I know-you're sayin' "No,that part of my life's over,not goin' back." But you'll miss it,I know you will. Hey-maybe you could BUY Laz! Pick up a decent flatbed trailer and you'll be everyone's best friend! (Don't ask me how I know that.)
Well,I'll stick with ya and keep watching your videos. You're the most fun traveling companion there is.
BTW-One thing I REALLY like is that you're SAFE! I can sight down the hood ornament and mile after mile,your driving is ROCK STEADY. No drifting,no wavering,you keep Laz right on the mark. You're a NATURAL driver.

bubba Knot says:

I'm saddened to see your trucking series end. I so enjoyed watching the country through your windshield. I got to see so many places I will never get to see on my own. I hope your new adventure is all your hoping it will be. It must of gotten lonely in that truck at times, even with Spike and or Jet. I wish you well!

Henry Campbell says:

Hey Allie, I hope your new ride is a KW. We know how much you love them. And if it is, will you have a "name my truck" contest again? Laz is a great truck, nothing beats a peterbilt.

rodney williams says:

Allie! You get Jet to bark on camera I will by a t-shirt

Timbrock1000 says:

Hey Allie, it's too bad you're leaving trucking. I think you were doing a first-rate job showing young people, especially young (millenial) women that trucking is a viable career option for them. But still, I hope your next chapter will be a grand one for you. Speaking of which, what is your next chapter? A new job? A new life? Perhaps something involving Steve, a diamond ring, a church, and a set of vows ending with "I do"…. then maybe a kid or two? Well, just a thought. Farewell, and may you find fulfilment in whatever comes next!!

Deck Luck says:

I guess I missed it. What is the new camera?

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