Lakers Young Core Are Back In The Gym Working

Lakers Young Core Are Back In The Gym Working

Lakers Young Core Our Back In The Gym Working

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Sports Buzz says:

Dangelo Russell is in Florida, he is getting his jersey retired for his high school

bjsw534 says:

PG Ball/JC
SG DLo/Nwaba
SF Ingram
PF Randle/NanceJr.
C Zubak

That's a nice young core . We got our future starting 5.

Justin Law says:

where the fuck is Russell?

Blessings Tseke says:

Ingram gaining size. can't be stick man nomore

TheOfficialStealz says:

why Larry hairline look like the rock in wwf ???

Robert Mitchell says:

Please work on d

LakerHead says:

All Lakers fans want to do is trade. Wait the fuck up!!! ?? Everyone in the league sees value in our players but us. U can tell that as soon a player is on the block the whole league immediately calls. Niggas here are worse GMs than Mitch and Jim with their Deng/Moz contracts ffs!

1crazm F says:

Brandon looking bigger i can tell.

G Malco says:

Shit Lonzo might as been there with them

You En says:

Too many light skinned niggas. We need to take a dark skinned nigga. Ps. Brandon keep eating and lifting! We love ya!

Chris L says:

Ingram was supposed to be like durant. Hasn't made an impact at all yet. Lakers already considering trading his ass. The guy could make in excess of $300M for his career these days just from salary no endorsements, but all he needs to do is to 'lay off the weed' stephen a voice. Why can't this nigga stop smoking, maybe for just a season?

Kevin T says:

Clarkson is getting traded soon, mark my words

Millhouserino Kripperino says:

Seems like they were touched by magic

Lavar Ball says:

Why is D'angelo in Florida. Boy i tell ya that kid ain't no good.. I don't give a damn about no jersey retirement when he ain't proved a damn thing other than he's a snitch.. Laker Nation you better hope my boy Lonzo lands on this roster because he's going to make everyone better.. Hold off on Paul George until FA. Lonzo will show D'angelo how to run a team. D'angelo was the most selfish point guard I've ever seen. Not my boy. he ain't like that. We about to set laker nation straight with this Big Baller Brand

klay roberson says:

larry nance jr lord farquaad lookin ass hahaha

Grant Moore says:

Brandon Ingram "post all star break stats" in other words.. (before all star break stats too horrific to show..) ???

John Gallo says:

Haha Larry Nance used a sharpie instead of a brush

Mack Lao says:

Daaaamn my boii B.I. about to become a beast next season!!!!!

Wehere323 says:


I_AND_i says:

just give B.I some juice he be bigger than lebron

joceja23 says:

yo I love Tania's voice mannn

Chase Cameron says:

2016 Lakers fans: "Our young core is gonna explode soon."

2026 Lakers fans: "Our young core is gonna explode soon."

BigCha-Cha OneHundred says:

Wheres D'Anglo? SMH trade his ass to Boston with the #28 pick and Lou Ding and call it a day. Lonzo for president…..

1988showtime lakers says:

3 pointers?????? finesse shit !!! no no no learn the post!!!!!!!! boxing out !!!!! rebounds!!!!!!!! this is retarded

1988showtime lakers says:

nooooooo don't work on 3s 7 footer work on boxing out fucki n dumbass

ColinTheButthead says:

Zubac WILL be shootin 90% from 3pt, yall heard it here

Manuel B says:

Get off the weeeeeeweeduh-Stephen a smith

Korey Paul says:

Nance Jr. bout to steal the starting PF job

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