Kyoto Hidden Spots: Japanese Tea Town Wazuka | Kyoto Travel Guide

Kyoto Hidden Spots: Japanese Tea Town Wazuka | Kyoto Travel Guide

Wazuka is a beautiful hidden Japanese tea town in Kyoto. Perfect day trip to take from Kyoto, Osaka, Nara or any of the surrounding Kansai prefectures.

I really love this town and think it is just absolutely beautiful! If you are a tea lover(especially macha) and love nature then this is the perfect place for you to travel to in Kyoto 🙂

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Access To Wazuka (copied from their website)
●From Nara(about 15 mnins to Kamo)
Nara Station-[about 15 mins Yamato Road Express)]→Kamo
●From Kyoto(about 1 hour to Kamo)
Kyoto Station-[about 35 mins by Miyako Road Expresss]→Kizu(transfer)
- [about 6 mins by Yamato Road Express)]→Kamo
●From Osaka(about 56 mins to Kamo)
Osaka Station-[about 12 mins]→Tenoji-[about 30 mins]→Nara-[about
14 mins]→Kamo
― ◎By bus from Kamo(about 20 mins to arrive in Wazuka)
From West exit of Kamo take the Nara Transportation Bus「to
Osugi」 about 20 mins to arrive at 「Wazuka Yama no ie」

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Taru Chan says:

Great video ^__^ I love it when you are just having fun especially in the tea fields LOL! They are so pretty! I will def add this to my places to go in Kyoto <3 Thanks Angela and friend for all of your hard work! It was def worth it ^__^ I bet during the fall it is absolutely beautiful!

Anna Sato says:

Great video, as always!!

flywithmikedee says:

my inspiration for creating videos!! keep it up

Ernest Kwok says:

Angela, you and your videos are addictive! love the hidden series so much! too much love from Singapore!

Callum Nyland says:

Lovely video! I really want to come to Japan

Matt Nightingale says:

What a outstanding video!, this town reminds me sooo much of the town from Totoro….

Lisa Vuong says:

Oh wow thanks for this video. I have one day left in Kyoto. Now I know where I would like to visit. ?

IceeaTeea says:

Hi Angela, love your videos! I was wondering if you could make some videos on vegetarian food/restaurants in Tokyo or Japan in general? 🙂 (And maybe including some helpful phrases for types of meat, vegetarian options etc.) It would definitely be helpful as I've been wanting to go to Japan for such a long time but don't know that many vegetarian places to eat!

GurrenGougo says:

Awesome! Loved it!

Mike Rogers says:

LOL, those cats are so chilled out!

DiabloDBS says:

Nice video .. the only downside is that i don't live in Japan and thus am a bit on the edge to go see it myself :-X
I think know someone who lives there … or lived there?… damn i need to keep my connections alive.

Anybody got a good idea how to tell you boss that you need another months or so for vacation and that you want all your vacation in one go.. ? :-X

In Germany we'd have wine on the mountain slope and hops in the valley … damn we drink too much alcohol.. putting away the second bottle of beer

MsCindyLady says:

Thank you for sharing! I love it! My family and I host girls from Japan in the Summer and sometimes Fall at our home. They are so kind, sweet and respectful. One of my girls is from Kyoto. I now know why she loves her home. What a beautiful place. I've had some from Osaka and Tokyo. I can't remember the names of other city'ss but it is always a pleasure meeting new girls and learning from them as they also learn from us. My hope is to one day make it to Japan as they always invite us to visit them.. Thanks for sharing beautiful Japan with us.

Nolsp says:

Another great vid, Angela. Wish you can do another satoyama village near Kyoto.

TheKingraptor724 says:

God I hate seeing these videos now. I must go back to Japan, 1 month is not enough…..

rollercoasterfweak says:

LOL @ that blooper. Thanks Angela

Denise Beers says:

This was a great day trip and I didn't even have to leave my room. Lol.

Gideon van der Merwe says:

love the video, but please clean your lens !

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