Kylie Makes an Emotional House Call | Life of Kylie | E!

Kylie Makes an Emotional House Call | Life of Kylie | E!

Kylie goes to visit a fan and things get emotional for the reality star. Watch “Life of Kylie” this Sunday at 9|8c on E!


About Life of Kylie:
“Life of Kylie” will follow Jenner as she navigates her unique life as an entrepreneur, fashion designer, author, television star, style icon and CEO/Founder of Kylie Cosmetics. After spending over half her life on TV on E!’s hit series “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” and with over a hundred million followers across Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, people feel they already know Kylie, but this series will allow her fans and the public to see behind the scenes of her ever-expanding world.

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Kylie Makes an Emotional House Call | Life of Kylie | E!



Nightmare MSP says:

They censored Ariana wtf😂😂

Sophia Gkal says:

I see Ariana

King Bryan says:

Y'all haters are funny, if y'all ever saw Kylie irl y'all would probably just get even more mad cause she stunting on all y'all bitter broke asses or y'all would be taking pictures of her and starring @ her from a distance. Don't lie. Lmaooooooo

makanaka mutasa says:

Go King Kylie

Samantha Haines says:

Here come all the haters watching this video and looking it up just to give themselves a kick out of hating on a 20 year old millionaire…

Kamilla Iqbal says:

I think she's darling

William Hinson says:

Kylie is hot, but this show is a fail

Dangerous Grande says:

This cute plus why y'all blurred out ari

Leo Lane says:

Although I love seeing her cry, I wish it was real. She has no emotion, like a fish.

Rileys Birthday Today Yay says:

Can y'all please stop hating Kylie. I love Kylie so much and I hate but love at the same time reading haters comments of jealousy😂😂😂😂👍👍👍👍

KInRick24 says:

and the Conditioning continues smfh

Kate Santana says:

Kylie and her Glam Squad must deliver an iconic look for the celebrity-filled Met Gala as a special guest of Versace.

Stephen Dowdye says:

Guys I don't like Kylie Jenner!

Robin Mazaka says:

So staged huh !

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