KUWTK | Kris Jenner Is Furious Over Caitlyn’s Book | E!

KUWTK | Kris Jenner Is Furious Over Caitlyn’s Book | E!

The “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star is pissed about how she’s portrayed in Caitlyn Jenner’s tell-all book. Take a look.

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KUWTK | Kris Jenner Is Furious Over Caitlyn’s Book | E!



pantsuck11 says:

I don't like the Kardashians, but Kris BUILT that family fame. The owe her everything.

ally pally says:

I believe that Kris knew about his desire to be a women. I always from the start of this show felt she had something over Bruce. He acted as if he was powerless, but he had the most money.

MilkshakeWay says:

Caitlyn is jealous of Kris. She wanted to be like Kris

TM Sprauge says:

Drama Narcs, drama narcs.

Adolf Hitler says:

this family needs to be vaporized

Mikayla F says:

bruce or whatever this thing is needs to go kill itself! disgusting!
still looks and sound like a male, because it is a male…..dna can't change!

Kate Ann says:

This situation with Kris Jenner is NO different than we women who fall in love with someone pretending or wanting to be more "heterosexual" than they can truly be inside. This is now a he (when Bruce) she said situation. I am sorry it has to be in the "public" forum for Kris. Those who struggle with their gender identity need the "safe" space to tell the truth about who they are without the fear of being vilified or physically harmed. We all deserve to be who we are. I have fallen in love with two men who turned out to be other-sexually and I think both wanted acceptance. I felt a bit confused only because they were NOT honest in the beginning and REMOVED my ability to choose if I wanted to proceed or not. Give others their rights in this type of situation by being HONEST with your sexuality and perhaps get counseling together with your loved one so they understand TOO.

Efrain Hernandez says:

This is why I am still calling Caitlyn Bruce. Jenner is a backstabber. All he cares about is money. He does not even care about his family.

Angelica ferrel says:

I like Kris Jenner but your hair gotta go

NoMoreMissNiceGirl says:

+Sharon Aviram Your ignorance is whats disgusting. You gotta understand that Caitlyn kept the fact she is transgender for over 60 years. Thats a long time to be confused or in denial. When someone is keeping something hidden, they try act as opposite as they can… even convincing themselves that its an illness or wrong and that other lifestyles like that are wrong. When Caitlyn came to terms with herself, all her views werent just going to switch off just like that. But her stance has changed

Ingrid Braz says:

this is so sad for the two youngest , their parents don't have a relationship, they don't talk to each other, in fact they don't like each other. I've gone through this, it's horrible.

Gigi8877 says:

I love how they keep panning to Khloe and she says not one word through the whole clip. She's probably thinking, "how long is this scene going to take again? Look like you care, Khlomoney!(that's what I imagine she calls herself in her head). Where tf is Kourtney, at least she's funny, these bitches are putting me to sleep ?!" Or something of that nature.

soltan alosmi says:

People need to realize that these shows not all scripted but you can say it's pretty much 70% scripted, " go talk to this and that , do you remember what she said go talk to her , don't let this go create drama."

Charlie Holmes says:

Kim looks terrible.

Helios says:

Kris is a lesbian and she's having hard time dealing with it

Karl Sylvain says:

khloe is LIVID!! just look at her!

Aaron Bear says:

It's Kris's fault. She castrated Bruce.

Physics Only says:

khloe is so much prettier than kim, why tf is kim so popular

Ronald Roy713 says:

It's ok kris we all know she's just doing this to piss you off and get a little attention. We all know how good you are Kris don't worry. He's not even a transgender he's a crazy creep with mental issues

Fashionbabe06 says:

tbh I watch every episode of keeping up with the kardashian I do think Kris was very controlling and seem like bruce was just there. I don't agree with every that cait says about anything but I do understand where she's coming from.

Mai Llas says:

kim looks so creepy

mariidee2 says:

Why does kris have light eyes?

Dr.Barbie fullard-reese says:

ummm did she just slip ?

JamesJamal98 says:

Trans are sick people! What's next? People surgically transforming themselves into animals?

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