Krabi Thailand Travel Vlog – Ko Klang Village – Islanda Hideaway Resort – Southeast Asia

Krabi Thailand Travel Vlog  – Ko Klang Village – Islanda Hideaway Resort – Southeast Asia

My 8-month backpacking journey around Southeast Asia is coming to an end and I’m glad I get to spend some of my last days at this BEAUTIFUL resort on Ko Klang Island near Krabi, Thailand.

Special thanks to Islanda Hideaway Resort for their wonderful hospitality. Visit their website here:

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Divert Living says:

pretty sick resorts! looks like the business is treating you well! keep it up!

Mr Bicycle says:

Love your vids Stivie. ..can't wait to the phillies. .

Mr Bicycle says:

Another dooope vid 🙂


Great Vlog Steve, its nice to see the real village life, the vlog with Apisite (yea I bet I miss spelt his name) as your couch surfing host was very cool nice village as well, if I remember right it was were you learned to crack open coconuts and got stranded at sea. Survivor Steve the new series. do these hotels post your cinematography work you do for them, or are they just looking for the exposure you give them thru your vlog?

GetLostwithJohnny says:

Awesome drone shots!

The World n Us says:

Enjoy the next couple of months back home.  The vlogs I've watched from this trip have been top notch.  I promise I'll get the ones I've missed eventually 😉. Looking forward to seeing what you get up to in the Philippines.  I lived there for 6 months a few years back.  It's an amazing country with beautiful people.  You'll love it!

Dragon Warrior says:

Love the videos like always, just saw you yesterday on a red bull poster at my colledge in Croatia so this video came at the right time. Cant wait to see your trip to Philippines as I am also planning a travel there. Keep up the good work man 🙂

lifelikejosie says:

Ahh this makes me miss SE Asia like crazy. Can't wait to go back!
that hotel though 🙂


1:45 further debunks the myth of "creation" and is proof that evolution is real

Timezone Junkies says:

Looks like you got to stay in a top notch place!!! They really took care of you too. Look forward seeing the video!

In Relative Obscurity says:

Top notch video as always! That walking fish is called a Mudskipper, by the way, part of the gobie family I think.

TechDepths says:

we missed you bro, nice job nice video man

Jobbie Gallagher says:

you look like thai singer ( anan anwar) lol

Sidney Hug says:

Don’t get too comfy in those resorts ! We still wanna see the backpack trips in the future 🙂

Omari Joseph says:

Hello Yalo..very sexy you arrive they give you food..SERVICE BABY…open door bathroom..hopefully a good breeze will carry the smells or noises..hahahaa…the portions for the meal look generous..i think a little hair trip ya need (TEASE)..very cultural tour…see you soon

Frido Kixmoeller says:

Nice video 🙂

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