[KPOP NEWS] Tao Loses Lawsuit Against SM Entertainment

[KPOP NEWS] Tao  Loses Lawsuit Against SM Entertainment

EXO‘s past member, Tao, lost his lawsuit against SM Entertainment in an attempt to nullify his exclusive contract.

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source : http://www.koreaboo.com/news/tao-loses-lawsuit-sm-entertainment/

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彼は埋葬されました 彼は埋葬されました says:

their company is too tight too them 🙁 🙁 🙁

lindana rocks says:

What is wrong with this company?? They should understand that even if they force him to stay he won't work that hard and he won't put his heart into his work now!! so why force him??
I am sad that happened..

JypCee says:

If I remember right he used the same lawyer as Kris and Luhan. It's kinda funny how all 3 of them lost against SM. I personally think it's a very corrupt business and if you look further into it you'd probably be shocked who has their hands in the company. Very sad that Tao lost , I was hoping he'd win against them so he didn't have to return to that company. Their fair trade laws are something else especially the amount of years they're allowed to keep them under slave contracts. You would think by now people would not allow their kids to get involved with that company. They have had more than those 3 lawsuits yet they always win. Now you tell me there isn't something fishy going on.

hobi's sunshine says:

SM sucks they cant even put english subtitles in ther videos

Sabrin Bieber says:


amnibatrisyia says:

cant sm stop already? its sucks.

Meow says:

chinese members were never treated fairly werent they

Julianna Filan says:

I'm just new to this fandom but it already hurts me seeing someone from exo who suffer a lot because of this b*llsh*t agency -_-

clary foxes says:

Really hate Kim Young Man I mean when Tao back to the group, Mmmm….. Awkward?

Piang No says:

oh I really miss tao with exooooooo may God bless u???

Sarah Schmidt says:

Know all the facts before making your own judgement. Tao may have lost in Korea but on April 28th he won the lawsuit in China for a second time. This win stated that SM had no control over tao or what companies he endorses in, as well as saying he has no reason to compensate SM for his China activities, because it's his own free will. As for the lawsuit in Korea, Taos side is already preparing to appeal the court decision. They wont settle or lose, so either SM is going to lose or they will keep fighting each other for the next 4 years until his contract with SM is over. Tao is still fighting it and at this point SM is fighting for no reason. Tao is Chinese. Its called CPOP for a reason. He wont be doing activities in Korea, so he's really not losing much of anything. Please keep supporting Tao in his lawsuit as well as his new music coming out.

Ajia Malachi says:

100% unfair

taebear on the way to his planet says:


Jackie Johnson says:

this is like 0 for 3 right? Luhan, Kris and Tao….does JYJ count …if so its 1 to 3, in favor of SM (unless we count them individually so 3:3 ?)..honestly I just want SM to lose at something without it affecting the artists

Taehyung• Infires says:

One thing for sure just don't audition at SM ent. This is just terrible injustice

Tish Payne says:

i hate this happened to Tao ? He's better off being back in China,his home land. EXOTICS world wide will still love him forever

xKPopGirlx says:

Aww my poor Tao, this is tragically unfair. I HATE SM Entertainment but I truly love their artists. None of them deserve the pain and stress they feel while working under them but they do, and it's sad that they can't fight back and win.??

It doesn't matter Tao is doing so well without them anyways.?

Anahni Harris says:

Sorry to hear that for Tao… Isnt there some way that he can get out of this contract? Just keep loving Tao and supporting him even if he is not in EXO anymores T^T

Phanic! CuzYøuGøtNøJamsBeach says:

I'm just gonna say one thing…

[clears throat]

F * C K Y O U S M

sj b says:

go away chinese

Jessiedaunicorn says:

Ugh! Tao and Krishan deserves better than this.

tomithy says:

Wait so what happens now?

9xprincess says:

So for those confused.
1) Tao filed two lawsuits. He won the Chinese one (is totally free in China) but lost this one in Korea.
2) He is technical a SM artist and can't promote worldwide without being managed by them. Since he refuses their management he will be confined to China til 2022 and will have to pay SM a part of his profits.
3) While I don't know the inner workings of the case SM is a horrible and petty company. Also Korea has a history of corruption and as the biggest entertainment company in Asia I wouldn't be surprised if SM usesd their influence to win these cases. Either that or Tao, Kris and Luhan should have read those contracts better…If you want to join a Korean ent company lawyer up and read the Korean Fair Trade Commission with Korean lawyers!

My biases kill mE says:

This is just horrible. I feel really bad for our lil panda. SM Ent. doesn't deserve Tao after all of the abuse and bad treatment they gave him.

sehun infires says:

fucking hell SM what do u want from the poor guy LEAVE HIM FUCKING ALONE GOD

Blossom Kim Namjoon says:

Tao my baby this is totally unfair SM Entertainment can kiss mine and Taos ass._.

taekooksjams says:

sm sucks he would fit in YG or Bighit

Sanbika89 says:

So they basically call Tao a liar and then go on to acknowledge in their own statement how they're aware there's been a lack of transparency with their contracts. lol K then.

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