Korea’s Favorite Couples ranking 15-1 [Entertainment Weekly / 2016.12.19]

Korea’s Favorite Couples ranking 15-1 [Entertainment Weekly / 2016.12.19]

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VIP ARMY of EXO-L says:

i saw gd… i clicked….

chillybluesky says:

I watched this countdown from 100 but I think I missed the Secret Garden couple (I fastforwarded some parts esp those with people that I didn't know). I hope they were in this list.

ratih maharani e says:

I wonder if they didn't bother to do selection. DOTS ranked high bc the drama was still fresh when they made this list imho. I doubt the couple will last years after like Winter Sonata or Full House. In late 2016 and early 2017, people already talks about Goblin, no longer DOTS.

Cat Lee says:

My BoYoo couple!

Smile M. says:

Boyoo couple the youngest best couple rank 9 … #KimYooJung #parkbogum

WY988934 says:


N N says:

Where gong yoo and lee dong wook ???

aqilah 041294 says:

no moon chaewon song joongki ?????

Amiratul Aqilah says:

come here juz bcoz of Gd……

Zabie99 says:

Omg I miss nation's siblings so much! They were the best! Hyori and Jaesuk need to do another show together.

Deyana Evelyn says:

It feels good to see my lovely song song couple here even though I hope they'll be in number 1 :3

김라이자 says:

I see GD so I clicked. -_______________-

Anis Syaifa says:

am i the only one who come here because of the "favourite couple 15-1" and not because of gd…????

Dian Hardianti says:

came here after saw GD's photo ?

Joycelyn Abtahi says:

Im sad that Gary and JiHyo dont meet when it's not work. I mean, i thought Running Man members were close. Close frends do go out together and soend Christmas together. Kwangsoo soends time with Jongkook at the gym, after all. Im imagining that all of them have dinner at JaeSook once a month at least. Then i remember a Running Man episode where they met Kwangsoo's real father. They dont even recognize him so that was the first time they met him. ????

Candy says:

Every korean channel uses GD as a clickbait now.

But it works.

Yuni Atun says:

I stan for Song Jihyo and Kang Gary ? My favorit couple on the screen ???

Jennica Alcalde says:

SongSongCouple ?

Dont call me oppa says:

KBS you shit, how dare you use gd as a clickbait

Cham Young says:

borene couple should be in here! ?

Cy Rin says:

no bogum nd hyeri ???? wtf

Luz Cortez says:

Miss this couple,boyoo team??????

Ciken93 says:

I'm waiting for YongSeo couple. hmm it's ok. They still my favourite tho.

련 • says:

Monday couple ^^

Pachica Garcia says:

I eventually click because of GD:-)

tsuyoi_hikari says:

Wow I didnt expect for Bogum & Yoojung to be this high. But they do have explosive chemistry together. :DD

Baby bana says:

aong song couple are the best … coupleeeeeeee….

Miss Funaiya mensah says:

Kim Saeng Min is by far my favorite reporter in KBS. When I do visit korea, it would be an honour to meet him.

PuppyBaekiee says:

Where is Chanbaek on this list

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