Korean Street Food – GIANT LOBSTER SASHIMI Chili Butter Korea

Korean Street Food – GIANT LOBSTER SASHIMI Chili Butter Korea


aun love love says:


Connected Locally says:

Meanwhile, a zebra bleeds out for ~25 mins as a lion tares the zebra's asshole a new hole… literally. We come from hunting and gathering. Some people haven't changed their ways, maybe recipes and technology, but not how they feel about food.

philly Philz says:

I thought you could eat crustaceans raw cause of parasites

Ming Lei Huan says:

That's so f***ing cruelty…😡😡😡

monster over says:

con cặc :))

MrMatrixex says:

So many angry people that complain about animal rights without knowing that lobsters dont feel pain because their brains are not developed enough.

sword says:

lobsters can't feel pain
their nervous system and underdeveloped brain is similar to an insect, and you don't care about killing flies or mosquitos do you?
other animals will kill humans alive, but people wouldn't care as much now would they? deal with it, lol.

hung nguyen vu says:

cut off while living, imagine a little shivering

muhammad jaan says:

this very bad not good

Ariya Adi says:

Oh dude ur video's watering my mouth

Herman Prasetyo says:

stupid food

DaeronKZ says:

these dumb people getting here then complaining about the video, just gtfo if you don't like it.

Giallombardo says:

I'm curious who invted sashimi style of food. Maybe he/she was like "Yes, finally i caught a fish, oh crap i don't know how to start a fire. Oh well!".

Kimmy Pretty says:

Im not a vegan but that is cruel

Chris Chen says:

Most Retarded chef i ever seen. If you wanna cut lobster up . Least learn the right way. Idiot. Destroying the freshness and meat

心- 伤 says:


kalandar soğuğu says:

Hey maşallah tosun mübarek

나만몰랐던동네바보이야기 says:

죽인 후에 손질하지..

Honey Bernisi says:

Any small you tubers 😍 let's support each other!

rosanna belleza says:

Looks clean n yummy, but watch the person who cuts the lobster wat he has on his skin.rashes?disqusting

Davy Wang says:

I like the way they cook the lobster… super fresh!!

chachito chachito12 says:

This people fucked in the head.. they eat anything alive.. nasty fu"ks

Pipz Sarmiento says:

nothing to be guilty of eating seafoods..its edible and man eat crustaceans..i dont see anything wrong here….its the same..your gonna kill em all before you eat them..

Cassie Magallanes says:

Is it just me or when the chef cut the lobster up i felt really bad😔😔😔
(Edit) after watching this i am now a vegatarian😊

James O'Connell says:

Crawfish go into the kettle alive and kicking, only way to do it!!

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