Kernave (Lithuania) Vacation Travel Video Guide

Kernave (Lithuania) Vacation Travel Video Guide

Travel video about destination Kernave in Lithuania.
Around forty kilometres northwest of Vilnius lies the archaeological site of Kernavė, Lithuania’s ‘Troy’. During the first centuries A.C., large settlements were established in the Pajauta Valley which were protected by the Castle Mountains. Evidence of a burial culture was found such as the tomb of a horse that was discovered in 1998. Artefacts from the Iron Age, such as axes and spear heads, have been uncovered and bones from different time periods. In 1390, the Crusaders burned down the city yet Kernavė has been a World Heritage Site since 2004. Close to the Archaeological Museum and in front of the Catholic “To The Holy Virgin Mary Church”, is the reconstruction of an older church. The wooden Saint Nicholas Church was destroyed by fire but the groundwork of the building is depicted by numerous stones. There is also a nineteenth century white stone mausoleum and a wooden chapel. There is evidence that various mounds were created in order to support fortifications. They were called, Castle Mountains. A most powerful system was created that consisted of five imposing castle buildings formed a common defence complex to protect the settlement in the Pajauta Valley. Grand Duke Mindaugas had his fortress built across all five mounds and had it protected with palisade fences and defensive walls. This archaeological, open air museum brings Lithuania’s history to life in an interesting and remarkable way. From here was forged the economic and military power of Lithuania in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. Thus the definition, Lithuania’s ‘Troy’ is well deserved. An archaeological excavation site that uncovers the very roots of the Lithuanian State!

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