Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Talks Current Sports Landscape And LeBron James | First Take | May 17, 2017

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Talks Current Sports Landscape And LeBron James | First Take | May 17, 2017

NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar joins ESPN’s First Take to talk about the current state of sports and politics, LeBron James as the greatest basketball player of all time, and more.

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Lastkingof33 says:

Bruce Lee made everyone great around him. Chuck Norris, Bolo, Kareem, Steve Mcqueen, Jackie Chan.

Aj Jingco says:

Top 10 NBA Players;
1. LeBron James
2. Michael Jordan
3. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
4. Magic Johnson
5. Bill Russell
6. Larry Bird
7. Hakeem Olajuwon
8. Shaquille O'Neal
9. Julius Irving
10. Kobe Bryant

tobi wade says:

why didn't they help Kareem with his shirt collar tho ?

anima099 says:

I've seen Kareem's vids here and his Skyhook is unstoppable. I like LeBron but I don't think he's vertical is good enough to block that.

Vincent Adultman says:

Kareem is the ish. He's thoughtful, humble, and introspective. No man has ever scored more points than Lou Alcindor. Somehow, he's underrated. It's a crime that he never got a chance to lead as a Head Coach. But that's on us, not him.

Zantar95 says:

01. MJ
05. LEBRON (If he retired today…)
06. SHAQ
07. BIRD
09. KOBE
10. WILT

Armando Kozomara says:


all time in order

rondell cunningham says:

magic his over Kareem so how he's over MJ smh

Leo Durocher says:

7 best players in nba history are russell, wilt, mj, bird, magic, lbj, kareem

Swam Tastic says:

Kareem is the Morgan freeman of the nba …. if that makes sense ?

jdareyah says:

Kareem, Bill Russell, Wilt had rule changes to STOP them from dominating. (Goal Tending, Out law Dunking, 3 seconds, Wider & longer Courts to spread the floor for guards/wings not to get blocked)

MJ, Lebron and others had rule changes to HELP them dominate. (Lebron travels constantly, Jordan got a ton of fouls called for him, Same for Kobe. If you look at MJ too long it was a foul in the 90's. Also 3 pt line moved in and hand check, and 8 second shot clock to speed up the game)

Stephen Pamphile says:

I hate when they butter their guests up. Just ask the question lol Stephen A really praised this guy just to ask him what he thinks about Phil Jackson and Gregg Popovich as coaches

the GOAT -IsHere• says:

Waw Kareem literally looks like a GOAT ?

Dolphin Goosby says:

Kareem Abdul jabbar! His body of work speaks for itself, Period! 3 time NCAA CHAMPION, 6 time NBA MVP, 6 time NBA CHAMPION, and finals MVP 15 years apart! Should have been finals MVP in 1980, And the NBA'S all time leading scorer!

Lee robinson says:

we dont need these rich idiots on a political soap box, right behind they baby mommas

Lee robinson says:

hey kareem go so what you do best get HIGH ON DOPE.

tiy Marble says:

man everybody has to realize this country going through some real shit right now

Sean Dolan says:

Kareem has a more impressive career than MJ, he just isn't a brand and also doesn't have a marketable game, he was boring on and off the court so MJ gets called the GOAT.
The stats all point to Kareem

TheGateKeeper says:

Have always been a Fan of Jabbar, however I knew exactly where he was going to go when you brought up politics. Yep, let people who agree with you talk, they are the smart ones, the other (stupid ones) like Trump supporters need to shut up. Enough said! That is how the media and peer pressure works. I will bet that better than 25% of NBA players (black players) voted for Trump, but they will never say because of how they will be perceived.

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