JYP Entertainment Has Confirmed “SIXTEEN 2”?

JYP Entertainment Has Confirmed “SIXTEEN 2”?

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KpopOrGaypop?shiipsfeels says:

Everyone talking about GG but here I'm talking about TWICE future brother group😘
Can't wait to pick bias xD or can I?

BangTwice Trash says:

I REALLYY hope JYP doesn't do this!

If you guys wanna try to persuade him to not do it… Go to JYP and leave a letter or note on there!!

Jia Wang says:

waow JYPe, you are so greedy… your groups not even has a strong foundation in SK and now you want another one?
why don't you tjust focus on got7 and Twice to make them more famous

나연 트와이스 says:

Oh god how many survival shows does Korea have? PD101, Idol school, BOYS24, SIXTEEN, YG WIN, And the two new YG survival shows which will be launched to form boy groups, KSTAR, SMTM etc. The competitiveness in this country is appalling

Partini Partini says:

Hope sixteen s2 its for boygroup🙄

blink and once _dz says:

jyp do everytime too fast he should know if he do an other girl group twice will lose thier popularity and other girl groups like Blackpink will be the next national girlgroup I'm not against blackpink I'm a blink but it will be sad if twice will lost their title rapidly

SanaTozaki - ChoZyu says:

I hope its boy group, well not call him dumb if he chose gg u dont have to its his desicion

DevilluTionisT gri says:

Hmm it will be interesting but then i feel worried about this….isnt it too early for a s2,Becuz Twice was so sucessfull,the pressure for the Second Sixteen contestent is alot more…see producer 101,First season was so good,2nd season was kind of really disaster


I think it's for a girl group because jyp has said that the new girl group will be done at the end of the year like TWICE and the new boy group at the beginning of the year

K K says:

Really hoping it's a boy group and not a girl group that'd be a really dumb move for him

yukiho says:

I really hope not but if it is I hope it will at least involve a boy group and not a girl one because if its a girl one I have a feeling it won't be as popular as the first season and the girl group would kinda just be in the shadow of Twice. I really did like Sixteen though and it did help me to really like each Twice member individually but we did see how devastated the girls who didn't make it were and how in the end the only girl who didn't make it that stayed with JYP was Somi.


Please nomore Somi in this Season 2. Somi will be lame, mutt, crybaby and annoying on this show.

Matthew Jones says:


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