Justin Bieber Keeps Cursing Sports Teams

Justin Bieber Keeps Cursing Sports Teams

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Justin Bieber finds his way into the news every day, somehow, and the popular music star also happens to be friends with A LOT of athletes. Bieber was spotted at the Toronto Maple Leafs game and to the dismay of some beat reporters he watched them lose and get knocked out of the Playoffs. Bieber has shown up at a lot of sporting events to watch them lose, but not every team is cursed. The Cavs escaped it last year!

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Brad Spence says:

hey don't you say fuck of Justin biber you fucking bitch

Mayowa Ogunlade says:

whats the name of the song at the end

PushAventón says:

This prick needs to stay away from the Utah jazz

sauce boss says:

Kardashian curse is actually real…..

Alonzo Johnson says:

HOLD ON WTF…how are the steelers "that bad" we made it to the championship round of the playoffs

Kyle King says:

Drake is Canadian too bruh ?

Team 6ix YGO says:

lmao the season Bieber wore an Everton jersey Everton manager Roberto Martinez got sacked and we did so shit ??

Team 6ix YGO says:

lmao the season Bieber wore an Everton jersey Everton manager Roberto Martinez got sacked and we did so shit ??

vinnythewebsurfer says:

Fishermen, soldiers, farmers, athletes. These non religious professions tend to have the most superstitious of all people

Tom Harris says:

Nice 3 hat fag

Mr. JH says:

Not very bright, they did not make it further than the Canadiens. They were eliminated a day later but that was because their first game against the Capitals was a day after the Canadians series started.

tod bob says:

Justin Bieber is like Steph Curry
People hate him for no reason

Samantha Bentz says:

fuck you Justin Bieber

TheGreatGamer says:

The madden curse is the best one

Manny and Alex Vlogs says:

2nd comment and 1st to like

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