Jay-3 Entertainment Press Conference(Channel Update)

Jay-3 Entertainment Press Conference(Channel Update)

The game has changed due to big companies pulling there advertisement ads from YouTube and forcing Google to change the face of YouTube forever….So what now????I will address the issues in this episode….Real People,Real Talk,Real Discussion….Thank for watching and Make sure you check out my Channel…. Don’t to forget to SUBSCRIBE….

Link to Video:https://youtu.be/u8UJ3ok9w98
If you want to help support the channel you can donate by going to: www.patreon.com/Jay3entertainment
Facebook:Jay3 Entertainment

Also TJ3 Mail box:
Jay-3 Entertainment
3651 S. La Brea Avenue #1012
Los Angeles, Ca 90016



Hank Mccoy says:

you should make that kurt angle theme your opening theme.

Mapache19 says:

I love your vids bro. Keep going strong (:

Jeff M says:


H A S A says:

Dope video bro. Was and will always be a fan. Thanks for always keeping that shit real???

Angelo Johnson says:

thought you were gonna quit.. don't do that I'm ok with the update as long as you don't quit YouTube

big mike says:

N word Jim Family guy

The Jade Coast says:

The Olympic Hero, Kurt Angle's music HAHA!!

darryl gilbert says:

as long as ya keep it 98+2 I'm down I think all you guys are amazing keep grinding homie

ThatDaily Coke says:

We know why you're doing the small changes, you're the homie, we got you.

miket06spiderman says:

Just us league keep doing y'all thang man. Freak the haters and keep pushing. Much love coming y'all way all the way from Texas. I enjoy watching your content. Very educational and enteresting ideas you and the crew have. Haters gonna hate but hey they still watching! Lol one love, Spider-Man out

YogaFlame24 says:

We will always support you brother. I will join up soon.

biron james says:

fuckin youtube censorship keep living my nigga don't give up if you even have to create a youtube friendly channel get it

Ghazi Al-Qenaei says:

As long as u keep hating on DC, u will not reach 10,000 subscribers. Stop being real and go with the flow 🙂

paulwalker954 says:

Come on subscribers spread the word out to family and friends to support my dog jay 3, pulse I'm trying to claim some J's or a PS4,

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