Japanese Street Food – GIANT NEPTUNE GROUPER SASHIMI Okinawa Japan

Japanese Street Food – GIANT NEPTUNE GROUPER SASHIMI Okinawa Japan


fierorrr says:

The japanese will destroy marine life one day … these fukrs need to eat everything …

Ikhaleel Neo says:

i will kick the butcher if i met who coocked a beutifull fish for money😰😰😰😞😞

xxxxxx says:


Ilma Love Amr Diab says:

His finger nails are so dirty damn and look at that fish so beautiful and why u dont bake the fish bah alive not good😝

MyRie MyLuv says:

should use a sharper knife

ruinati says:

Cómprate un cuchillo picha

chris venegas says:

they killed such a beautiful fish

Little Poklonskaya says:

Why are there SEVEN FUCKING ADS in this video?


Gorgeous fish. Horrible filleting skills.

Yousef Abdallah says:

Obviously this fish was a female…

Liso Berrio Jimenez says:

Valla uñas más sucias que asco

Lindsay Linehan says:

That poor fish I feel sorry for it, USE a better knife

Alyssa O says:

I would preferred the fish steamed. Then it would be perfect. 🐟🐟

Rainbow Star says:

Horrible looking hands put me off

Angel De la Cruz says:

Dam, cutting board if full of scales and not too clean, he needs to sharpen the knife,,,

killafocker says:

Fuck sashimi, this shit taste a million times better cooked

Razziq Muhammad Islam says:

Why didn't he wash the fish before served ? To be honest I don't understand

Striper_1 says:


MzFulfigdBeauti says:

Absolutely beautiful fish. What does it taste like?

King Kompany says:


Jose Castillo says:

It's way better knife that the one "daddy" uses

Jon Wukasch says:

If you eat sashimi like that, leave lol

jerod johnson says:

what is the little green plant thing with the little balls on it? never seen them before.

Seeking TKO says:

Parasites Yes No ??

Matt coatney says:

Not even a sharp knife

Papi says:

Best way to eat sashimi! wish he would have rinsed the cut off after skinning tho.

Ильнар Мухаметдяров says:

На превью как будто режут попугая 😁

Hasan Syarif says:

clean the table first after scaling! WTF is wrong with this guy..

rebolledodari says:

el señor le dejo enbarrado su sangre al la carne del pescado y ni lo lavo que marrano

Kenji Eresmas says:

what does it taste?

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